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This Page Was Last Updated On: 6/30/2022

Spiritual Guidance for Your Soul

This website is a resource of knowledge, application, and support.  It is not written for the masses of people, it is written for you. Somehow, and for some reason, the universe put this website in your path.  Problems can be very unique, but solutions that work are not so unique. Creating or improving your path of destiny is a three step process:

  • Spiritual Awareness, which means applying your new found knowledge to your present to create strategies for your future.
  • Spiritual Growth, which means implementing those decisions by investing energy. 

Learning starts with a better understanding of how the universe works.  You can achieve this by primarily by reading which includes all the content posted here.  Additional help is always available to answer and explain anything for you in more detail.
Spiritual Advisor Jordan Canon

Spiritual Advice for Your Soul


A very long story shortened, I am a three-time (back to back to back) near death survivor, who came back with some insight and knowledge pertaining to almost everything, but especially how things work. I don't profess to be an authority. I am simply trying, with great difficulty, to document my experience and help you evolve your soul to a higher level. 
Free Spiritual Guidance by Jordan Canon Spiritual Advisor
Jordan Canon meditating

Free Spiritual Guidance by Jordan Canon, Spiritual Advisor

Free Spiritual Guidance
by Jordan Canon, Spiritual Advisor

How to Evolve Your Soul

You may be wondering: "Where do I begin?" Great question. Souls tend to find their way here to make a life change.  

  • You could be looking for a soul mate. You could be looking to improve the soul mate relationship you are in, or you could be looking to leave it.  

  • Or you may feel suddenly "weird," like you have heightened abilities that you may describe as paranormal, or you are experiencing unnatural events around you.  

  • While it may not be supernatural, you have a feeling of "calling" and a higher energy/interest in humanity, world events, or charity.  

  • Or you can be here for something else altogether, such as child who shows unusual abilities.  

Think of the many, if not hundreds of tiny decisions you made to arrive at this page. Your soul, which knows everything, (even though you don't) is trying to help you achieve your purpose. You created your purpose(s) before you came into this world, which I refer to as your environment. Everything in your environment, which is all that you see, including the people in it, is a result of your creation based on decisions you've made.  

The life change you seek is based on a higher education and application of how the universe works. If you could please humor me for a second, please stare at any one of the dots on the image below for about 15 seconds.  
Example of Free Spiritual Guidance
What happened to the other two dots when you stared at the one of your choice? They disappeared, didn't they?

This is a small example of how the universe works. When you focus your energy in one place, or in one direction, you can't see everything that exists, often right under nose. This website will help you to "see" everything that is around you. In doing so, you'll be able to identify opportunties, and paths of destiny, you may have overlooked in the past. 
Spiritual Advice for Your Soul

Spiritual advice refers to receiving spirituality with less of an immediate investment of your own energy. The long term goal is still to acquire spiritual wisdom but some situations require more immediate assistance.  

Spiritual advice is not always an answer, it is more like an intuition.  It can be an answer, but only you make the final decision, and only the results of your energy investment determine if your choice was the right path.  Spiritual Advice is available through the Spiritual FAQ's page, direct email with me, and through our Contact Us page. 
Spiritual Counseling
Daily Spiritual Astrology Readings
Spiritual Astrology Reading
Relationship Compatibility Reading
Spiritual Advisor Jordan Canon
Now let's just forget I even said that. If you were to follow to the spiritual theory and advice on these pages, without regard where they came from, I am sure you will find yourself in a different place, and in a different future. 
Why? Because thousands and thousands of souls have come before you, and many have achieved beyond what their initial goals were. 

At first glance, this may appear like an Astrology website. It's not. However, I do use my version, called Spiritual Astrology, as a tool to help communicate with you, and more importantly, for you to communicate with yourself. 

All the links you see directed towards astrology are for souls like you, but are further down the path you are seeking. They are implementing what I have been able to share from my near-death experiences. These readings are updated daily for your spiritual growth. Here, the term "spirituality" mean to look within, and if you are willing to do that, in a world of souls that only look outwards, you are already on a new path of becoming what you came here to be. 

Of course, I can't tell you that right now, but if you bounce around some pages, and let your intuition be your guide. You will be amazed what there is to be discovered here. 
Jordan Canon Email Newsletters
Spiritual Counseling for Your Soul

Spiritual Counseling is available for immediate and generally more urgent situations. The only investment of energy required on your part is to be a registered receiver of my newsletter, and a detailed email fully explaining your present situation.  

It is important that your email be complete and detailed, so please take enough time to compose a well written request.  Of course, this step does not replace the other two, it just provides you another opportunity to achieve the goals of your soul.

Connecting with the Power of the Light

The term "Love and Light" refers to the wonders of the universe that are attainable from maintaining a spiritual lifestyle.  As great as those wonders are, it is much easier to be spiritual than it is to become spiritual.  

Connecting with the powers of spirituality shouldn't seem as odd as it might in today's world.  After all, it is why you and your soul are here. Edgar Cayce, America's greatest medium, said the same thing. For that matter, so did Jesus, Buddha, the Prophet Mohammad, and Allah. Visit our Spiritual Quotes pages and see all the published wisdom that points to the same conclusion:

The Power of Spirituality Already Exists Within You. 

Getting Started with Your Spiritual Awakening

Your soul knows why you are here better than I do, so it would be logical to cover as many grounds as possible to keep you connected to your upcoming spiritual awakening.  You may not need this resource today, or even in the near future, so it may be a good idea to add this website to your favorites list so you can find it again when the situation arises.....and it will.

Subscribing to Weekly Emails is a good way to keep in touch with your developing spirituality.  Topics range from anything to anything, and members are welcome to submit topics as subjects.  For the most part, these writings are application-based, meaning they try to interpret universal laws into examples of how to apply them in your life.  
The Hunt for Jordan Canon
The Hunt for Jordan Canon