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Spiritual Advisor Jordan Canon
The Aries Personality, The Sign of the Ram   
Mar 21st to Apr 19th
Leadership, Strong Will, Optimistic, Sense of Humor, Charisma, Responsible, Motivated, Strategic, Outgoing, Self-Esteem.

Areas to Evolve
The Need for Challenge, Gambling, Rebellious, Insensitive, "Me-First", Dominant, Anger Management, Ego, Pride, Arrogance, Concentrating on the Details, Easily Bored, Selfish.
Why Did the Universe Guide You Here? See Below.

You keep yourself looking good and in good shape. You have drive and ambition to accomplish tasks the other signs might laugh off. The world doesn't revolve just around you.  Your close relationships will improve if you see that more. 

Often referred to as the "Baby of the Zodiac," You are the natural born leader of Astrology.
Aries Personality for Your Love Daily Aries Horoscope
Daily Aries Horoscope Reading by Jordan Canon, Spiritual Advisor
Your Gifts from the Universe

You have a true zest for life and living it with the pedal to the metal. Your countdown to the excitement of the weekend begins as soon as you wake up on Monday.  You will see mention of this in your daily Aries horoscope.

If there is a challenge preventing you from a grand time, you'll all game.  You live for challenges too and display all the leadership characteristics of a general to lead others to your goals. Forever an optimist, you represent the season of your birth:  Spring. Your strong personality is like a seed that survived the frozen winter to bloom into a beautiful flower in the spring.  You have many love-hate relationships but for the most part your company is valued and there are always suitors of the opposite sex ready to court with you. You will learn about this in your Love Horoscope for Aries.

Others may see you as lucky because you always seem to find a way to win, even against the longest of odds.  Picking a winning horse at the track or finding a slot machine with a full payload comes natural to you. But are you lucky?  Or are you just committed and spiritually tuned into winning.  Probably a little bit of both. Use your Horoscopes to harness this energy.

Spiritual Challenges for the Aries Soul

The universe gave you the ability to win so one might think challenges come naturally to you. They do, when you care to take them on. Through the spiritual law of Yin-Yang, winning does come with a price, and the price is often mentioned in your Aries Horoscopes.

You are the first sign of the zodiac so you are often referred to as the baby of the zodiac. You do have a "me-first" side to your personality, and just like a crying baby, you will let your sentiments known when things don't go your way or you want something. Your daily Horoscopes will point out days when this likely to occur so you can be prepared when the situation arises.
This is an amazing power if you learn how to harness it correctly. All of the attention, passion, and admiration you desire are easily within your grasp by focusing on how to manipulate energy by giving energy first. If you learn to "put it out there," you will be shocked how the universe will return your energy through your relationships. Buddha says "Teach what you have to learn," and your soul is a natural for this. Your Aries Horoscopes will help you achieve your goals.
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Jordan Canon's Spiritual Daily Aries Horoscope

Jordan Canon's Spiritual Daily Aries Love Horoscope

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Daily Aries Horoscope Reading by Jordan Canon

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by Jordan Canon, Spiritual Advisor

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Normally your closest relationships are built on hot passion, and no surprise because you are a fire sign.  As time goes on, you can be seen as extroverted, short tempered, selfish, and arrogant, driving your points home with little temper tantrums. Use the predictions you find in your Aries Horoscope and Love Horoscope for Aries to overcome these challenges before they occur.

Use your Daily Aries Horoscope and your Love Horoscope for Aries to step outside of yourself and see the world through the point of view of your other relationships.  You don't have live there, but just visiting once in a while will be accepted with greater admiration for you.
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