The relationship Aquarius has with Aries is based on mutual admiration. They love how Aries are passionate and energetic about everything. Their charm always amazes them, while Aries loves how unique their visions are with the world.

Though Aquarians can be unpredictable, their Aries mate has this special way of reassuring them that everything is just okay. Aquarius can demand, act like a brat, and be insensitive, but Aries will continue to accept us in spite of everything.

Aries are patient, loving, and thoughtful, but they are also submissive and understanding to the fact that Aquarians value their freedom and time for themselves.

The Aquarius/Aries relationship is full of spontaneity. They are both dynamic and carefree in nature. Anything under the  sun can come up, and they are never hesitant to grab whatever is in store for them. They can be the life of the party, the best friend everyone wants to have, the funny neighbor, and the adventurous lover.

Lastly, this relationship takes a big leap with their level of maturity, both in an emotional and mental aspect. Their sense of independence and taking fearless actions provides them the opportunity to express their individuality, which strengthens their bond with less insecurity.
There is never a dull moment between the two of them. Not only is this coupling compatible intellectually, they also both love adventure, trying new things, and just being the high-spirited  people they are. They can become more than lovers; they can also become best friends who understand and communicate really well.
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Advantages of Aries and Aquarius Relationship

As an air sign, Aquarians are always complimented with the fire of an Aries. Their union is always interesting, adventurous, and exciting. They share so many similarities, both in intellectual and emotional aspects, making this relationship very promising. Aquarians always admire how an Aries can challenge them, stimulate their minds, and push them to the limits. Aquarians are known to be logical and idealistic and when Aries drives the Aquarius to do what they love the most, they will always drive them crazy.
Aries and Aquarius Compatibility
The only disadvantage this relationship has is the fact that Aries can be controlling. This wouldn't bother the Aquarius that much as long as Aries does not do it too often, as Aquarians always pick their battles. In fact, they appreciate someone who stands up to them, only for a good reason.

And though, neither of them is possessive nor jealous, they can easily get bored with each other. If this couple can't keep up with one another's energy, they tend to look elsewhere. Infidelity is not that much of an issue, only that they need to feed our cravings for new things.

Aquarians' way to handle hang-ups can also be an issue within their relationship. Both signs are very temperamental. Aquarians can lose control easily, and, to some extent, Aries can do too much to provoke it. They can be single-minded, overly competitive, and inconsiderate. Aquarians, on the other hand, can just shut their doors when things heat up.

Don'ts With an Aries and Aquarius Relationship

The only thing this relationship should watch out for is their ability to burn out each other. A relationship compatibility reading will provide you with specific details, but of you see the world in different perspective and the energy they put in may not be as adequate to make this relationship for keeps in the long run. As demanding and controlling as Aries can be, and as carefree and insensitive Aquarius is, both must not allow these flaws to have the chance to threaten their relationship.

Likewise, both are very temperamental. Aries can easily get agitated and usually takes time to control their anger, while Aquarius can be rebellious to get what they want. If both remain stubborn, fixed in their opinion, and dominating, then this relationship will be a failure.

Aries should not let their impulsive nature slip into the relationship. Sometimes, they stay completely committed to the relationship until such time they lose excitement. They are less likely to stay if their Aquarius does not know how to carry the relationship.

Lastly, both are very independent and feel that they are more superior than most people, which is why they always go about things their own way. If both do not compromise and learn how to understand each other, then there is only one way for this relationship; down.
What The Relationship Needs

This relationship needs spontaneity as both are adventurous and carefree spirited. They must not lose any reason to be interested to each other as both can be impulsive when it comes to relationships. They must maintain their level of energy for physical and interesting activities, as well as their drive to sustain each other's intellectual needs. Reading your Daily Love Horoscope for Aries can be both helpful and insightful in improving your relationship.

Furthermore, this relationship needs constant understanding and patience. Aquarius can be insensitive and demanding, while Aries can be possessive and easily get bored. If both learn each other's negative traits and weaknesses and somehow learn to compromise and adapt to it, then this relationship has a bigger chance of success. 

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Disadvantages of Aries and Aquarius Relationship

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Aries and Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

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