Both signs mesh well intellectually. They are creative and intuitive. When faced with problems, they attack it with pure logic and enthusiasm. They do not like to be complacent, much less to do things half way. During projects, both see to it that things surpass par. And when Cancer needs stimulation, Aries will give creative and clever ideas.

Furthermore, Aries is one of the most honest signs. Even to the point of bluntness, Cancer appreciates how Aries expresses what they feel and think, if only for the hope of saving Cancer from impulsive or un-thought-out decisions. Communication lines must be open for Aries to feel secure within the relationship, so they expect that everything, including ground rules, is cleared with them to avoid future disagreements.
They are passionate and fearless to face all battles, and this about them is admired by Cancer. Both are hard-working individuals. One thing neither sign can tolerate is boredom. They like to be challenged; and once opportunity strikes them, they will face it with great optimism. However, Aries is very bold and is not as dedicated as Cancer is when it comes to financial stability. Aries may be confident in everything, but never with handling money.

Cancer and Aries are different when it comes to their emotional inclination. Aries is more sensitive, possessive, and jealous. Though, Aries can be sociable, they do not like the idea that their partner is flirting with someone else, or that anyone would attempt to snatch their partner.  More so, Cancer will find it irritating when Aries tends to dominate the relationship. Aries can be very meticulous, and since Cancer does not want to be over powered, their relationship is in constant argument mode.
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The relationship between Cancer and Aries may seem to be incompatible at first, but as both delve into the relationship deeper; they find numerous interesting and admirable traits about each other.

Despite Aries' attitude to be aggressive and stubborn towards almost everything, Cancer still finds them loyal and extremely attached. It comes natural to Aries to jump head first, no matter how hard and dangerous the circumstance may be, into defending their loved one. 
Likewise, Cancer must understand that despite Aries' tough aura from the outside, they also need some loving and appreciation. Though, it is in their nature to lead and be controlling, they will also appreciate if their partner shows them not only respect, but a side which is willing to give their all, even to their mood swings and temperaments. The same goes with Cancer, wherein they consistently look for a partner who can give them the security and stability they need, which is never impossible for a ram to give.

If both signs make these simple adjustments, the relationship they can build will never be far from being perfect.

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Aries and Cancer Compatibility
The relationship between Cancer and Aries is full of satisfaction and happiness. Cancer seeks someone who is willing to be nurtured, cared for, and loved; and blissfully Aries always steps up to volunteer.

They are appreciative and like to be drowned in attention, and Cancer cannot help themselves in being excellent at it, to the extent that generally, their partner feels strangled and overwhelmed. However, for an Aries, this is the kind of love that they are looking for.
As with any relationship, the one that a Cancer and Aries share is not perfect. For one, Aries can be overwhelmingly controlling and dominant. Right from the start of the relationship, Aries will openly express how they want things done between them. Their strong persona can be so overpowering that sometimes Cancer has no choice but to yield.

And if ever Cancer does make mistakes, they can never expect compassion and patience from a ram. It is one thing Aries always has to work on. They will never hesitate to correct or take charge if things do not go their way, even o the point of being offensive. Aries wants people to keep up with their pace, and becomes aggressive when faced with conflicts and challenges.

On the flip side, rams find Cancer too sensitive. Cancer gets hurt deeply, even with petty things, especially if it comes from their loved ones. And when it comes to Aries' temperaments, Cancer always becomes vulnerable to their mood swings and anger. Likewise, Aries find Cancer to be a bit clingy and possessive, which they find very irritating. While Cancer loves to nurture Aries, Aries will busy themselves with their gregarious ways, which in turn heightens Cancer's jealousy and possessiveness.

What The Relationship Needs

On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, the relationship between Cancer and Aries can merit a six or a seven. Both share similarities as well as dissimilarities that make what they have all the more exciting.

What this relationship needs is maturity and spontaneity from both sides. Impulsive and controlling Aries needs to be a bit cautious towards Cancer's emotional sensitivity, and Cancer should be open-minded and adaptable to Aries' leadership and socialization. If these things can be achieved, then what they have will be more harmonious and balanced.

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Most Compatible

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Disadvantages of Aries and Cancer Relationship

Advantages of Aries and Cancer Relationship

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Aries and Cancer Compatibility

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