When Gemini is down, Aries pulls them up. In times when Aries gets burned out because of over-work, Gemini shows them how to take a step back and relax.

With Aries, everything seems possible to Gemini. Gemini changes their mind so often and are so indecisive that sometimes they actually do not know what they really want. Aries, however, are confident in just about everything they do, and so they can guide Gemini through stability and security.

More so, the line of communication between the two signs is admirable. Gemini seeks someone who can express themselves and those who can assertively speak their mind, and Aries never fails to charm them. Although Aries may tell the truth to the point of bluntness, Gemini  appreciates this much honesty in them. The relationship Gemini and Aries shares may not be perfect, but it is one that is worth keeping.
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When "thinking' meets 'action," it will only result in one thing, a jam-packed and whirlwind relationship, and this is what Gemini has with Aries.

Geminis are known for their wit and intelligence, whereas Aries are known for taking risks and plunging right in the things they desire. Together, they work things out well. While Gemini is good at visualizing and generating ideas, Aries is there to help them materialize them. 
Aries and Gemini Compatibility
One thing Gemini can be thankful about in the relationship with Aries is that there are more compatible traits than differences. Like Gemini, Aries does not like to be restricted. They perpetually have a wild imagination and a crazy outlook in life. They are independent, love to roam and explore, and definitely are social people.

With Gemini, Aries does not worry about emotional turmoil and drama. Right from the start, Aries is fully aware that Gemini is not emotionally inclined. Aries does not expect Gemini to be sensitive to their feelings or to be chivalrous, as they themselves are not like that. They can also be careless and insensitive, and both signs do not mind this about each other. However, this does not mean Aries does not seek approval and appreciation, because they do from time to time.

Geminis easily lose interest, and when they do, they look elsewhere for it. However, Aries' passion and enthusiasm perfectly stimulates Gemini. Aries never runs out of ideas and plans, which keeps the relationship going. They are not restricted, and never are afraid to try new things, causing Gemini to fall head over heels every time.
All in all, there are only three things that can raise conflicts in a relationship between Gemini and Aries. First, Aries can be controlling. Second, Gemini is impulsive. And third, their emotional inclinations slope down.

Aries likes to be in charge. They always see the bigger picture in everything. Even the smallest details do not surpass their keen judgement. Therefore, they are always on their toes, on the lookout for possible glitches, which they cannot tolerate from happening. And if ever Gemini has  other ideas that oppose theirs, it will take a while before they ever embrace the idea of accepting it.

On the flip side, Gemini's split personality can create constant chaos and distraction to the sturdy ram. They are indecisive and impulsive. However, they can still make abrupt decisions when called to, it is just that they have a tendency to change them instantaneously afterwards. More so, Gemini's impulsiveness can pull them apart from their relationships. When they get bored, they can easily look elsewhere for it, which always threatens the jealous ram.

Lastly, which does not really bear much weight between the two, is Gemini's and Aries' problem with being intimate with each other. Like Gemini, Aries are also self-reliant. They both need to take time to trust their lovers; but once they do, you can expect that they will give their all. If Gemini is quick to change their minds, Aries can also be quick to lose their tempers, but most of the time they can easily recover.

What The Relationship Needs 

The relationship between Gemini and Aries is probably one of the best love matches in the zodiac astrology. They both drive well intellectually and emotionally. Aries is full of life and amazing ideas, whereas Gemini is ingenious and outgoing. They both work well together, as Gemini can help Aries find time for the joys and pleasures in life, while Aries helps Gemini pursue their dreams.
A few adjustments are what this relationship needs. Gemini should adjust to Aries controlling and protective kind of love, and Aries should give their Gemini enough leeway to also take the lead. This would put their relationship a notch higher. And if Aries tones down their temperaments, and Gemini starts to find stability and security in their lives, this could make their relationship better. If both get a handle on this simple compromise, then there is no stopping them from creating the celestial relationship they are destined to have.

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Disadvantages of Aries and Gemini Relationship

Advantages of Aries and Gemini Relationship

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Aries and Gemini Compatibility

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