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What is Temptation?

Your soul lives in an environment provided by the universe that provides you the opportunity for your soul to evolve.  The exact opposite of that energy is Temptation, and its only goal is to take you away from your evolution. The Universe requires you make all your own choices.  This law is called freewill, and without it, you can not evolve.  You will never make all perfect choices, or your soul wouldn't be here.  

The best way to manage Temptation is to not underestimate it or deny it exists, but learn how it works and teach yourself to see when you are being tempted away from your evolution.  If you learn anything from this website, learn this: 

Temptation only wants to take you from the path of the light.

The path of the light refers to positive, charitable energy invested on spiritual enlightenment, awareness, and actions, which is how your soul evolves.  Temptation provides an optional energy choice in which the evolution of your soul remains stagnant or regresses.   The single purpose of your soul being here is to evolve and Temptation's goal is to help you to not evolve.

How Temptation Works

This section will speak to overcoming the power, ability, and management of temptation in greater detail, but it does have to follow some universal laws like you do:

  • It can only exist in 50% of your environment. No more, no less.

  • It cannot harm or do anything to you directly or by its own hand.

  • While it can trick you with schemes, it may not outwit you.

  • Temptation may not tempt you beyond your current evolution, meaning your current ability to resist it.

  • It must always yield to the power of the light, should you call on it.

It is only when you resist the energy within temptation that you can know how strong it is. Anyone who has said: "I'll quit doing that next week." should be able to connect to its energy as a reference of understanding. The seven deadly sins section will go into the powers of temptation in more detail but temptation almost always presents an easy way out.
Temptations are a Natural Part of Your World

The theory of the Yin Yang teaches us that balance must always exist in our contained environments. If there was no balance, there would be no good without bad, no sick without healthy, and no love without hate. These forces must exist for you to have the opportunity for your soul to evolve. 
The Seven Deadly Sins

Humans greatly underestimate and fail to see the power of temptation. There is even an attraction to it. This section of the website has more traffic than all the sections here combined. 

Temptation knows create your universe and your paths of destiny by your choice, or freewill.  The 7 Deadly Sins are an excellent example of how Temptation "tempts" you into what appears to be an easy solution that takes you away from harnessing the power of the light.
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Understand the Spiritual Energy of Temptation

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"It is not the great temptations that ruin us; it is all the little ones that add up."  
-John W. DeForest
Temptation Only Wants to Take You from the Light

Your spiritual evolution is based on the positive energy you invest in creating your future. The exact opposite of that energy is Temptation, and its only goal is to take you away from your evolution. 

Feel free to come back and use my Temptation Bodyguard for an attutude boost in overcoming temptation.
Overcome Temptation

Since you will never remove temptation from your life, your evolution is based on how well you manage it.  The universe is binary in how it translates data. Every action you make on your spiritual journey has an undefined point value. It is better to give in to the temptation of having an ice cream cone while you are on a diet, than it is to having a gallon of ice cream. Both are still temptations but both choices you make will lead you to different paths of destiny. One choice is easier to recover from.

Defeating Temptation

The wisdom: "You may win the battle but lose the war." is an excellent example of how you go about defeating temptation. The war would refer to the spiritual journey of our life and where you end up. This is the point from which final evaluation will occur. 

All the different paths of destiny you will create and experience represent your battles. During final judgement, these are looked at and considered part of the whole. Temptation feeds on the weakness of human desire. The universe has an infinite amount of patience in which it expects you to evolve but it does come with a time limit, that you create, in which to accomplish the evolutionary goals of your soul.

Again, nothing is more important than learning about the Seven Deadly Sins.  We have posted the Yin and the Yang for each of the energies of temptation with the goal of being able to identify when you are being tempted, followed by the energy of the light you are being led away from.