Another blissful thing between these two twins is the fact that both are flexible towards all possibilities and chances that their relationship and lives have to throw at them. There are no issues to compromise as both have mastered the art of it. If one wants something and the other wants a different thing, both can easily give way to what the other wants.

If ever conflicts may arise, Gemini will let things slide easily. They do not like arguments or sulking for hours in remorse over past fights. They know when to start proving a point, and when to let things pass because they just feel it is insignificant. Relationships between two Geminis can be blessed with a conflict- and worry-free relationship.
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Two active Geminis working a relationship together can bring the most passionate and carefree romance in zodiac compatibility. Both have the potential for great conversation, and their wild ideas and concepts flow freely between them. They are intelligent, outgoing, bright, and sentimental. Their witty and fun side makes their relationship interesting. A double Gemini relationship is never dull because both can physically and intellectually stimulate each other.
Gemini and Gemini Compatibility
However, their relationship can suffer from personality and individuality clashes. Gemini is represented by twins, and two twins coming together is like four people in a relationship. They can have an instantaneous change of personality in the snap of a finger. One may want something so badly one instant, and drop it the next second. Their relationship can be like a game of tug of war, where both struggle constantly for a position over the central line.

Competition will always come between them as well as their fight over independence. Gemini loves to throw back sarcasm and occasional cynicism, simply to challenge their lover; craving for the perfect opportunity to showcase how great and extraordinary they are, but as these two twins come past their individualities, they can make a mutually happy and fulfilling relationship.
The start of a relationship between two Geminis can be a constant battle for ground, but things always turn out well after any heavy rain, especially between them. As both see past each other's imperfection, these two signs can be the greatest of lovers to each other.

Two Geminis together can leave an explosion of energy. Both are so passionate and intense about everything. Change is never an issue, and they love variety extremely. There is never a dull moment when these two are together.

They have the ability to talk about everything under the sun and anything goes. They both love the outdoors, adventures, and challenges. One thing that would probably cause trouble would be if both run out of energy by the end of the day, which is why they need to recharge their batteries from time to time. Their short attention span, not only from one another, but towards practically everything, can easily burn them out. For them to have some time off from each other can help both look forward to the days ahead they will share.
Probably, the most obvious disadvantage these two can undergo within the relationship is the issue of stability. Since both are all about independence and change, they are less likely to create common ground and security.

Gemini is unfocused, both in their career or personal life. They are as ambitious as the other zodiacs, but they will be less likely do anything to pursue their ambitions. Sometimes this is also represented within their relationship. They do not like going after the same things twice, which makes them crave something fresh all the time. They can quickly become bored, tiring not only themselves but both. 

And though, Gemini places high value on their relationships, two Geminis together can be a chaotic union. Both are so impulsive and independent that there is always no room for one common thing between them. The decision of one can be totally different from the other, and the same holds true for their views and opinions. Anything can be exciting one minute, or everything can just be dropped at the last minute. Nevertheless, all these aspects are nothing but petty things for two passionate lovers in love.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between two twins just needs a little adjustment for it to work for the long haul. What this relationship needs is for both to catch up with each other's individualities and learn to give each other some time off. Gemini can be overly passionate when it comes to loving, but having two twins in one relationship can be overly intense, as well.

The same intensity Gemini has with the things that they love doing is also present in their opinions and how they take with decisions can be the focal point of clashes and arguments. It is never likely that both will want the same thing at the same time. Each has to compete and battle for superiority all the time. And though they both do not like conflicts, having to be in this position constantly can be awfully tiresome. Both must learn to give each other enough leeway to pursue what they want and learn to give each other a turn.
Likewise, both must strive hard for stability and security within the relationship. It is not enough that they excite and stimulate each other physically and intellectually, but they must also go for bigger things in life, such as going after their dreams, focusing on their careers, and all other aspects in life they need to concentrate with. If both help each other become the better person they can be, then this relationship has no other way to go but up towards a lasting and romantic relationship.

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Disadvantages of Gemini and Gemini Relationship

Advantages of Gemini and Gemini Relationship

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