More so, their communication line is absolutely perfect. Leo is probably one of the most sympathetic and sensitive signs in the zodiac, so they always understand where Cancer is coming from. Likewise, they are fun to be with, exciting, and adventurous. They never run out of taboo breaking and creative ways to enjoy theirselves; it is as if days will never be the same without them. And sometimes, their inputs are very stimulating, especially when it comes to projects involving financial stability.

Lastly, the relationship between Leo and Cancer will always have direction. Both are natural leaders, and though they may clash on some opinions and views, the fact remains that they only want what is best for their relationship. Both signs find much fulfilment when their loved one listens to what they say or their advice, and though Leo has the tendency to question everything, they never fail to accept the good things Cancer can offer.
When it comes to emotional inclination, Cancer and Leo may differ a bit, but it is something that they can always work out. Leo likes receiving compliments, and when they do, they will clutch to their partner like purring kittens. And because Cancer seeks attention and affection themselves, it comes easy for them to point Leo in the right direction.

More so, Leo is not a social butterfly. Like Cancer, they value stability and long-term commitments, which is why infidelity and insecurity have no room in their relationship. Leo has the tendency to reciprocate whatever love is given to them, and since Cancer values long-term relationships, things of such do not bother them. The only problem that might more than likely affect their relationship is when Cancer becomes too domineering and protective, and when Leo comes off as a bit cold and detached.
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The relationship between Leo and Cancer may seem to be an unlikely pair at the beginning, but as they both spend time together, they see that there is much more to their differences that make Leo and Cancer  great partners.

Though, Leo comes from a fixed sign making it hard for them to accept leadership and change, they do not come up short with commitment and loyalty towards the relationship.
Leo and Cancer Compatibility
There are so many pleasurable things about the  relationship between Leo and Cancer. For one, their love match is filled with love and affection. Since both signs are emotionally inclined, they cannot help themselves from going overboard when it comes to making their partners feel appreciated and loved. Like Cancer, Leo likes to shower their partners with lavish gifts and simple gestures of thoughtfulness, and this about them makes Cancer fall even more head over heels with them.
Just like any other relationship, this pairing also faces a few problems. Probably one of the most obvious things the two clash about is when Cancer becomes possessiveness and domineering. Leo, like Cancer, is very independent. They do not like being told what to do, much less anyone prying in on their private time. But, just like any crab, once Cancer values someone that much, they cannot help to close their claws tightly in the hope of eliminating the possible threat in relationship.

Likewise, Leo does not like doing the same thing twice. Boredom is something they will always avoid. Unlike Cancer, they accept change easily. The least they will do for themselves is to play board games, and do home-based activities, which unfortunately Cancer loves doing.

On the flip side, Cancer does not appreciate how Leo can be detached and insensitive. In times that Cancer craves attention and love, Leo will shrug them off. But, when it's Leo that needs some loving, they expect nothing less from Cancer.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Cancer and Leo, if to be rated, can merit a six or a seven. At the beginning, things may seem to be impossible with these two, but as soon as they commit to the relationship, they will learn to appreciate each other more.

What this relationship needs is for both to be a bit spontaneous and adventurous. Since both come from different elements, wherein Cancer is influenced with their cardinal sign and Leo as fixed, clashes can be constant between them. Therefore, Cancer must understand that it is Leo's nature to resist their dominance, and for Leo to understand that Cancer only wants what is best for them.
Likewise, Cancer must learn how to keep up with Leo's intricate mind, and Leo must also learn to adapt with Cancer's emotional needs. If both make these simple adjustments, things will work quite fine between them.

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Disadvantages of Leo and Cancer Relationship

Advantages of Leo and Cancer Relationship

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