Also, Cancer finds Sagittarius too honest. They have zero-tolerance for lies. They will speak their mind even to the point of being too tactless and blunt. They can be forgiving, but never with anyone who lies and is unfaithful. Likewise, even if Sagittarius remains loyal to Cancer, this does not refrain them from being flirts, even to new acquaintances, which in turn threatens Cancer's need for security in the relationship.

On the flip side, Sagittarius finds it flattering how Cancer nurtures them with love. There are times that Sagittarius likes a compliment or two from Cancer. And when it comes to seeking attention, Sagittarius gets it abundantly from them. However, Sagittarius never likes it over done They still want to maintain a gap between each other. It is almost as if they feel they will die if Cancer strangles them with too much emotion, effort, and time. Sagittarius finds tranquillity keeping their independence, and this is something Cancer always finds hard to comprehend.
More so, the line of communication between them, if not dull, is quite ghastly. Sagittarius is not as sensitive as Cancer is when it comes to others' feelings. Likewise, Sagittarius can be too honest to the point of bluntness. They have the tendency to shrug Cancer off every time they get protective, or if Cancer warns or reprimands them of the things they feel are wrong. Sagittarius is so confident of themselves that they think no one is as perfect as them, thinking that it is excusable for them not to listen to anyone. And, though they have this quick sense of humor that Cancer actually finds interesting and amazing, Sagittarius remains to be temperamental.

Sagittarius can be intuitive and innovative, but all they can talk about is their next adventure or trip, or next activity to join in, which they expect Cancer to keep up with constantly. And as quickly as Cancer can change their mood swings, that is the same manner that Sagittarius will jump head first to everything. They are impulsive and courageous enough to take any risk, whereas Cancer loves to do careful and logical planning before making any decisions. Sagittarius does not appreciate stability as much as Cancer does with financial security, and this all the more makes their relationship difficult, but interesting.

Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility

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Advantages of Sagittarius and Cancer Relationship

Cancer and Sagittarius is incompatible making their relationship very challenging. Sagittarius comes from a mutable sign, so it becomes natural to them to embrace change as opportunity strikes them, whereas Cancer is influenced by their cardinal nature making them a bit rigid, pessimistic, and indecisive about progress.

While Cancer can lose themselves in love, Sagittarius will hold up things in order to escape from emotional inclinations as well as to preserve their freedom.

Disadvantages of Sagittarius and Cancer Relationship

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Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility
Cancer and Sagittarius, when in a romantic relationship, share so many differences that it can be hard to find something to be grateful for. Nonetheless, if they surpass them, they can actually work well together, especially in business.

Sagittarius runs on four legs, always keeping up on everything new and out of the norm. While Cancer hold high regard for careful planning and business solving, Sagittarius is ready to use their own surprising luck, wit, and innovative personality to take on risks that Cancer is afraid to get in touch with in the first place.
Unfortunately, Cancer and Sagittarius have a lot of things to work out. First stop, Cancer longs for security and permanence of affection and love, and this is something Sagittarius may have issues with. Instead of emotional nurturing, they need someone who can keep up and mentally stimulate them. Since Cancer has the tendency to become overly possessive and jealous, Sagittarius tends to look elsewhere for a companion who does not impose any rule, pry on their privacy, and infringe their time.

More so, Sagittarians are social butterflies and natural flirts. Although, undoubtedly, they can project loyalty, Sagittarius remains playful around others. They like to befriend people through leading conversations, and they see this as an opportunity to strengthen their social realm. Add to that, Sagittarius have no interest whatsoever with financial security. All they love to do is to satisfy their need for excitement and adrenaline rush.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Cancer and Sagittarius can be an unlikely pair. However, no matter how challenging their relationship may be, if they focus on the similarities they can enjoy, their relationship can actually lead to a serious level.

What they need is a little compromise and a big dose of adjustment. For instance, Cancer might find it difficult to adjust to how Sagittarius would like to lead their relationship, wherein there shouldn't be any rules, and they must be given enough freedom. However, the more Cancer gives Sagittarius what they want, the more love they can give back. It is important for Sagittarius  to know that they are trusted, and only when they feel this can they can build stability and security with their loved one.

On the contrary, Sagittarius must find time to be more open and sensitive to Cancer's feelings. It is important that Cancer feels security, that they are important, and appreciated, and when Sagittarius  fails to give this, they can be doubtful and soon will lose interest within the relationship. 
If both signs consider these simple tips, it will never be impossible for both to make a haven with each other.
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