The chemistry between Scorpio and Sagittarius is great. It is never likely that the two will get bored with one another. Sagittarius, just like Scorpio, likes to satisfy their adrenaline cravings. Both will enjoy exploring new things, travelling, as well as those that can trigger dangerously exciting and fun activities.

Likewise, both place so much importance on communication. Sagittarius, for one, is a philosophical person who loves to engage in deep conversations. Just like Scorpio, they are highly intellectual individuals who are so attuned to events and other social interests around them. Together, with their gift of gab, Scorpio and Sagittarius will never run out of topics to talk about.
And when it comes to their emotional inclination, Scorpio is more attuned to their feelings. Sagittarius, on the other hand, is mysterious and secretive. And while Scorpio seeks stability in the relationship, Sagittarius will have clear conviction to avoid any form of restraint because they love their freedom more than anything.

At the same time, Sagittarius' frankness and bluntness can cut deep into Scorpio's ego. And as treacherous and cunning as Scorpio can be, they will spend their time sulking in grudges and waiting for the perfect moment to manifest their revenge.

Nonetheless, despite the disparity and friction between Scorpio and Sagittarius, there remains positive notes that both can actually share to make their relationship progressive.

Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatibility

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Advantages of Sagittarius and Scorpio Relationship

The relationship between Scorpio and Sagittarius brings instability as the astral elements between them are opposing. Scorpio is innately fixed, whereas Sagittarius is fierce and full of self-confidence.

When the two are required to come up with a unanimous decision, they will go through disagreements and battles first before they can meet half way. With that note, it becomes difficult for Scorpio and Sagittarius to reconcile.

Disadvantages of Sagittarius and Scorpio Relationship

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Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatibility
One thing blissful between Scorpio and Sagittarius is the fact that they both want fidelity in their relationship. Scorpio is one of the most passionate signs in the zodiac. Their love is so intense that they will do everything for their loved one.

Sagittarius, on the other hand, is extremely honest. They have zero-tolerance for lies, even with a good intention white lie. Both can be unforgiving with betrayals, making them cautious and careful not to break each other's trust.
The most obvious reason why Scorpio and Sagittarius may encounter turbulences in their relationship is because of the dissimilarities of their emotional inclination and personality. For one, Scorpio is reserved, whereas Sagittarius is outgoing and extreme. Sagittarius is not one that likes being tied down, but Scorpio will constantly test their patience as they always try to manipulate and control their every move. Scorpio seeks stability in a relationship, making them excessively jealous, suspicious, and possessive. However, Sagittarius will never compromise their freedom. They will never live a life full of restrictions and limitations; and all this can bring constant disagreements and clashes between them.

Add to that, though loyal, Sagittarius is innately flirtatious. They feel overwhelmed and satisfied when they can befriend someone. For Sagittarians, meeting a new acquaintance is a won trophy. Scorpio, however, equipped with their mastery for stinging, can treacherously attack anyone trying to steal their loved one, and will never hesitate to punish even their beloved.

Lastly, Sagittarius is brutally honest. They have the tendency to bluntly state the things they do not want in someone, and they have no fear about hurting anyone. Scorpio is level-headed and emotionally sensitive. They are firm with their convictions, and they will not appreciate anyone telling them to do otherwise.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Scorpio and Sagittarius, if to be scored, can merit a five or a six. The astral elements between them in the zodiac wheel are opposing, making it hard for them to deal with each other. Scorpio clings more to their emotions, serious, and firm, whereas Sagittarius is less sensitive, always fierce, and impulsive. Together, they will find a hard time coming up with a decision.

What this relationship needs is acceptance and compromise. Scorpio needs to see past Sagittarius' distant and mysterious character and learn to appreciate their loyalty and honesty. The same goes for Sagittarius, where they should lengthen their patience some. Every time they get passionately involved and intensely jealous, they rather must learn to satisfy their Scorpio's need for stability and assurance in the relationship.

If these two signs make enough effort make changes in their personality and learn to adjust to each other's ways, then despite the odds, what they have can actually flourish for keeps.
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