Also, they are both progressive. Scorpio is open-minded, even if they are unsociable. They are full of ideas, and because of their drive for curiosity, they can both stimulate each other's minds. And yes, though Scorpios take time trusting people, they can be the craziest people once you know them. They are not afraid to try new things and explore new adventures.

Lastly, both signs have strong will and are rarely discouraged. Once they make up their minds, they can stick to it until their efforts are rewarded. Neither sign can dominate each other because of their unyielding personalities. Both understand how important it is for the other to be respected, and therefore, they never dare to question each other's authority.
Scorpio is very emotional and secretive. They can be the most caring partner, but rarely share their inner thoughts and feelings. Their sensitivity can make them both the best and the worst partner in any relationship. However, their passionate character can repel and create tension for the Aquarian's love for freedom and creativity.

Scorpio is rather observant than easy going. They can be suspicious and always on guard. They can suppress their emotions and hide it from their Aquarius partner until they feel the quality and traits they long for in a partner, and Aquarians can do just the opposite. And when things come intense, Scorpio can be overly jealous, possessive, and paranoid; obvious things that can make Aquarius wary. Both may seem to have little in common, but if they focus, the relationship can be promising.

Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility Relationships

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Advantages of Scorpio and Aquarius Relationship

Scorpio is the complete opposite of the Aquarius personality. This relationship pairing has its pros, but more of it is cons.

Scorpio is obsessive compulsive. They can be all over the place, intense, and self-destructive. They never relax and always have something in mind.

Though, Aquarius admires how they can be exciting and intuitive, Scorpio remains to be a challenge.

Disadvantages of Scorpio and Aquarius Relationship

Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility
One of the greatest things Aquarians share in common with a Scorpio is their love for knowledge.

Scorpio is more analytical while Aquarians can be objective and logical. Both are opinionated and strong willed.

When it comes to making decisions, Aquarius can drive home the same solutions although Scorpio can be a little meticulous on things, asking more about the why's and how's before making the decision.
There are many things Aquarius adores about Scorpio, but one thing that really sets their differences straight is Scorpios being extreme introverts. This thing about them can always fuel arguments and disagreements. During times Aquarius wants to mingle, Scorpio can be jealous up to the extent of being overly possessive. Your Daily Scorpio Horoscopes can be a useful tool in helping you understand and overcome this.

Scorpio is also emotional and sensitive. On the things Aquarius doesn't find important, Scorpio will keep on insisting their weight. They dig deeply into things, and on issues that Aquarians hate to face. When faced with trials, Scorpio requires so much attention; one thing that Aquarius can never promise to give. The Aquarian's insensitive nature can push them to detach themselves from the Scorpio's emotional turmoil.

Lastly, Aquarius can be very unpredictable. Anything goes for a free-spirited Aquarian. This is something that Scorpio has a hard time understanding. Unlike Aquarius who would rather grab every opportunity that comes their way, Scorpio would rather sit things out and plan.

Don'ts with a Scorpio and Aquarius Relationship

It is never exciting to have a relationship with the complete opposite of your personality. Clashes and issues will always come between an Aquarian and Scorpio. It is important that they don't linger on their differences, instead on the things they share in common and on the things they both can discover and value from each other.

Scorpio should not allow their emotions to take a toll on the relationship. It is important that they understand their Aquarian's love for freedom and independence. Likewise, they must never be restrained, instead be stimulated, especially when crave for mind spur is needed.

The same holds true for Aquarian; they must not forget that Scorpio needs love and care. They can be the most passionate and intimate partner, just as long as you give them the attention they long for. Likewise, both must be mindful with how they handle things in the relationship. Scorpio must not hold on too tight and Aquarian must not be too detached.

What The Relationship Needs

It is very obvious that Aquarius and Scorpio may not be the most compatible love match, but as the saying goes, "opposites attract." As you will learn in your Daily Scorpio Love Horoscope, for the relationship to work, both must learn how to understand each other's differences.

Compromise is another key both must master. Aquarius must give the attention their Scorpio needs, and freedom for what Aquarius demands. Communication is another part both must work out. As emotional and intuitive as Scorpio can be, Aquarius must learn to give in order to make their jealous partner feel secure.
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