Both can be stubborn as a bull and never do they exercise futility to be flexible with their decisions. When one has an idea or concept, neither one will yield. Therefore, decision-making between them is something that can bring about constant clashes.

And when it comes to emotional inclinations, both still share differences. Leo can be critical, often throwing harsh criticisms accompanied with their apathetic tone. And since Scorpio can be as sensitive and prideful as Leo, this may often bruise their ego. And soon enough, Leo will discover Scorpio's treacherous side waiting for the perfect opportunity to play their plot for revenge. Nonetheless, despite their dissimilarities, if both just focus on the great things they can actually do, nothing will come between them.

Scorpio and Leo Compatibility

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Advantages of Scorpio and Leo Relationship

The relationship between Leo and Scorpio may need a whole lot of effort before it can work. Both sides need to be consistent because their elements are not complimentary with each other. Leo is influenced by fire and Scorpio with water, and since water can put out fire, Leo will find Scorpio's attitude to be contradictory to theirs.

More so, both are fixed signs, which means once they make up their mind, it can be hard to bend them.  

Disadvantages of Scorpio and Leo Relationship

Scorpio and Leo Compatibility
Unfortunately, Leo and Scorpio's relationship needs to work out a lot of things. For one, both need to adjust to each other's emotional sensitivity, wherein Leo can be too domineering and clingy, and Scorpio can be critical and sensitive.

Leo has the tendency to crave too much attention and affection. Just like a true king of the jungle, they want to be held as the leader of the pack and anyone who goes against what they want will suffer punishment. Often, Leo will dramatically play on their prey, usually throwing tantrums or bad mouthing, or being hard-headed and temperamental. And since Scorpio is a very straight-forward person who does not like mind games and uncanny emotional tactics, they will never approve of their king's behavior.

Add to that, both come from fixed signs and this simply means that Leo and Scorpio are stubborn individuals. Even if Leo has the tendency to be impulsive and reckless, they will not come around to apologize for their behavior, whereas with Scorpio, behind their calm demeanor lies a rebellious and treacherous nature. And this about them affects their decisions, because Scorpio will have a hard time understanding Leo, and Leo will be unforgiving to Scorpio's devious revenges and ways.

Lastly, things may come up with how they view things differently. Leo as the prideful lion hates doing unnecessary things. They will not waste their time on something, unless it affects their loved ones. The stinger of a Scorpio, however, needs to be harnessed all the time. They always seek new challenges or adventures only to keep their awareness on top, even if it means doing futile activities. And since, things like these are beneath the lion's radar, clashes may often come about between them. 

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Leo and Scorpio shares a special connection. However, despite their compatibility lies a few problems both need to work out. What this relationship needs is spontaneity and change.

When it comes to communication and intimacy Leo and Scorpio mesh well, which they need to maintain to keep the fire of interest and love between them. The only thing they have to work out is how they handle things emotionally. Leo can be too domineering to the point that they will use every bullet to make someone submit to what they want. Emotional blackmail, throwing tantrums, or saying harsh words can be one of their tactics.

Nonetheless, all these do not make their Scorpio happy. Scorpio, though tough from the outside, are also very sensitive individuals. And, though they will not show that they are hurting, they will never let bygones be bygones. They will treacherously plot the perfect timing to make their Leo pay for everything.

If both continue such ways, it could mean the end of their relationship. So, Leo must be extra patient and give their Scorpio enough leeway because they too would appreciate someone who respected their decisions and would not manipulate them. The same holds true with Scorpio, they must be more expressive with their feelings and should not let anger cloud their mind. Instead, they must learn how to be forgiving and be more honest.

If these two follow these simple attitude adjustments, nothing can stop them from making perfect relationship.
Scorpio loves discovering and experiencing new things, whereas Leo likes doing dramatic, yet fun and adventurous activities. Likewise, both are great conversationalists and they never run out of things to talk about. While Leo can blab about advice and their lavish treasures, Scorpio will introduce ways to solve the newest puzzles or game flicks, or anything that can challenge their physique and mind.
One thing harmonious in the Scorpio and Leo romantic relationship is that it is full of passion. Leo in love seeks importance and intimacy, and Scorpio can match it with the ways they connect physically.

Just like Leo, they are not afraid to reveal what they truly feel, much less showing it off with other people. Both are expressive, passionate, and intimate.

And when it comes to communication, boredom is something far from happening between them. 
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