Both signs are strong-willed and level-headed. In any battle, neither ever backs down. Scorpio is more reserved, but will always use offensive thinking to strike when it is time to unleash their fury. They are more on the strategic side, carefully planning how to exploit their opponent's weaknesses and use it against them without warning. On the flip side, Aries individuals also dedicate themselves to fiercely winning their battles. Both signs do not accept defeat and always have the willpower to keep on going, no matter what challenges lie ahead; and this about the pair makes them power-lovers, whether it be in love or any endeavor they are in.

Loyalty is never an issue between the two signs. Scorpio is not only kind and generous, but also trustworthy. They never like to pretend, and they will not say things they do not mean. Aries admires how Scorpio becomes genuinely appreciative of the little things they do for them and how together they can be a great team. In times when Aries has problems finishing the things they impulsively start, Scorpio is always there to give them a hand and back them up.
Aries is an extrovert and places much value on their independence; where as Scorpio is more emotionally inclined, always seeking intimacy and love. While Aries sits in one corner doing their usual contemplation, Scorpio will go to them always ready for intimacy.

However, despite these differences, there is never a dull moment between Aries and Scorpio. Both are energetic and are not afraid to participate in risky adventures. Aries are known for making impulsive decisions, whereas Scorpio is just brave enough to take any chances. There is a great line of communication between the two, so whatever things they want to do together, they simply enjoy doing without thinking about the repercussions or being negative about it. Being together is like spending a great time with your best buddy or best friend, making their relationship worth holding on to.

Scorpio and Aries Compatibility

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Advantages of Scorpio and Aries Relationship

The relationship between an Aries and a Scorpio is full of energy and passion. Both are dynamic and full of enthusiasm to make their relationship work. Though, there are a few traits that they differ in, their positive outlook towards life overrides everything negative between them.

Among the few minor problems a relationship between Aries and Scorpio faces is the difference in their emotional inclinations.

Disadvantages of Scorpio and Aries Relationship

Scorpio and Aries Compatibility
The relationship Aries has with Scorpio may have a few glitches, but they share a strong pull towards each other making their relationship very exciting and, at the same time, tough to keep. One good example of how the two signs mesh well together is on aspects regarding willpower, winning, and loyalty.

Scorpios are passionate lovers as well as loyal ones. They will stick by you no matter what the circumstances are, which Aries truly appreciates as they long for stability and security in a partner.
A relationship between an Aries and a Scorpio has the tendency to fall apart because of their firm differences. One thing that can be of great concern is how Aries can be demanding and controlling. Yes, it is in their nature to hate people who dictate and manipulate them into doing things, but they fail to see how they, too, can be the same way with others. On the other hand, the possessive nature of Scorpio makes Aries uncomfortable, especially if their independence is on the line.

Furthermore, both signs have a tendency to be overly jealous. Scorpio does not like the idea of Aries mingling with their friends or colleagues; and at the same time, Aries hates it when Scorpio compares them with previous relationships. And when in heated arguments, when Aries can forget about everything, Scorpio will repeatedly bruise their ego by reminding them of all the harsh things they did to them in the past.

Finally, there is never a day that Aries' eagerness to be competitive bothers them. And as level-headed and determined as Scorpios are; they will never back down on any challenge. This often leads to disagreements in which, often times, no one takes the time to yield. And since Aries prefers someone who can be submissive to such matters, they may easily give up on the relationship.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Aries and Scorpio may experience quite a bit of turbulence, but it is one that is worth keeping. The passion and enthusiasm between them helps the relationship become more exciting, leaving no room for boredom.

What this relationship needs is for both to learn to accept each other's adamant personalities. Aries can be a passionate lover, but they must understand that they cannot always impose everything that they want on their partner. Likewise, Scorpio is a generous and loyal lover, but their manipulative and possessive ways can threaten their Aries' individuality and independence.

On another aspect, the flirtatious side of Aries can make their Scorpio jealous. Aries must learn to adapt their Scorpio's introverted ways to give them the balance and security they need. And, for an emotionally clingy Scorpio to always work their manipulative and deceitful ways on Aries is another concern they must address; otherwise, Aries will have no second thoughts of leaving them.

If both put the right amount of respect, trust, and understanding into the union, all these attributes have the potential to give back a wonderful and exciting relationship, one that can be stronger than any other zodiac compatibility match.
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