And though Scorpio can come off as mysterious and secretive, underneath their protective shell they are the most romantic and intimate of all other signs. In fact, they can be the greatest protector and avid supporter of others. When anyone is friends with Scorpio, they often bring good luck and a strong sense of discipline.

Scorpio is very determined and progressive. They hate doing things half way, which leads them to their compulsive tendencies to excel in every project and assignment they do. More so, Scorpios makes great business associates as they are very keen, accurate, and great in solving problems.

When it comes to their communication line and how Scorpio and Cancer deals with problems, there are few issues. Scorpio can sometimes be a silent bear and as secretive as Cancer is, but their radar is far better than Cancer's. Pisces can quickly detect their sentiments as quickly as Cancer can change their mood swings. And because of this transparency, it becomes easy for both of signs to be more flexible and adaptable to each other, which makes their relationship all the more highly compatible.

Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

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Advantages of Scorpio and Cancer Relationship

A Scorpio and Cancer relationship brings so much satisfaction as both signs mesh well emotionally and intellectually. Since both are influenced by their water element, it becomes favorable for them to be on the same wavelength of thinking and doing things pretty much the same way.

Likewise, both signs fill their relationship with loyalty and devotion. Like Cancer, Scorpio is so in love with the idea of love. 
Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility
Scorpio and Cancer have many positive aspects in their relationship together. For one, both signs place so much importance on their relationship. When they are in love, they see to it that there is no room for infidelity and insecurities.

And despite Scorpio's strong personality, loyalty and being true to their feelings is what Cancer frantically pushes around. They do not like investing in one thing, and just waste their time and effort after.
More so, both signs can show fierce emotion to each other to the extent of being too possessive and jealous. However, because they feel alike, there are not many clashes that arise along these issues. In fact, Cancer appreciates being taken care of and given this much importance. In fact, if Scorpio does not care at all, Cancer gets worried. 

Physical intimacy is another thing the relationship is not short on of. The emotional connection between the two signs is very powerful. Scorpio knows how to turn Cancer on and off. It is as though they have a psychic power to penetrate to their thoughts and feelings.

Likewise, Scorpio possesses a deeper attribute towards change and progress. They are not afraid to go beyond what they are used to as well as going overboard where others cannot go, especially when it comes to their work, projects, and career. And when it comes to money matters, Scorpio is good at it.

Disadvantages of Scorpio and Cancer Relationship

There are only two things that Scorpio and Cancer would likely have problems with when it comes to each other. The first issue would probably be when Cancer becomes sarcastic, tactless, and naive. Cancer normally does not think before they speak, and so they tend to utter words that can be offensive and irritating to others. And because Scorpio can be sensitive themselves, this often leads to silent wars and disagreements.

Furthermore, the more Scorpio gets hurt the more defensive and treacherous they become. They have a tendency to be secretive with what they will show you when they get mad or upset. Waiting is their key for revenge wherein they will grab the perfect opportunity to throw back all the angst their enemy has caused them. And this all the more makes Cancer feel uneasy, especially if they cannot actually read what they feel and what is on their mind.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Cancer and Scorpio is a perfect match as both are highly compatible in almost all aspects, including emotional and physical inclination. The only problem that may arise between them is their tendencies to be careless with each other's feelings, especially when Cancer becomes tactless and Scorpio becomes secretive.

What this relationship needs is not only loyalty, but a sense of trust, which includes sharing what they feel about certain issues to each other. If they cannot overcome being secretive and shutting each other out when problems arise, their relationship will slowly be eaten by pride and anger.

If both make these simple adjustments, the relationship that they can share will be far better than being just compatible, it can be amazing.
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