Who would know someone born under the sign of Aquarius better than a fellow Aquarian? Aquarius is guided by their sun sign. Their personal freedom is their number-one priority. 

They can be outgoing, and fun to be with, but prefer their alone time; a time to think and to detach themselves from everything. Not all zodiac signs understand this about them.
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Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility
Aquarians can be difficult to be with and can be control freaks, and to some extend they demand respect from their partners about this in themselves. Following the old beaten path does not appeal to them. They are not melodramatic and don't have romantic notions of perfect love. Many times, for this reason, when they do have relationships with other zodiacs, Aquarians can get frustrated easily.
  • Having a relationship with a fellow Aquarian may not be as intense since both are frivolous in nature. 

  • They get infatuated with their opposite easily, but they do not get deep into the context of falling in love. Love can be quite elusive for them. 

  • They love to play along, move with the waves of their emotions, but reserve what they truly feel inside.

Being with another Aquarius brings about feelings of a great mental high, and they are unlikely to ever fall short of intelligent conversations. They love to talk about everything under the sun, do fun things together, and just be themselves. Both Aquarians are comfortable with each other. The chemistry between them is extremely evident.

Likewise, their relationship evolves without having pressures of possessiveness, jealousy, nagging and self-centeredness.  Aquarian couples are confident in themselves and with the commitment they put into their relationship. Neither one wants to follow the rules, though they can make quite a few rules of their own. Both Aquarians know how to appreciate the levels of their intellect and admire each others visions. The value of their love can be compared to as being best friends or as good friends.
The problem with Aquarian couples is that they do not know when to stop. They are demanding, idealistic to the point of being too eccentric, and insensitive.  They can be tactless and straightforward without regard to the feelings of their partners.

Though a relationship with a fellow Aquarian can be promising, these negative traits do not exempt them from experiencing them. And although this does not shock them, it can also fuel the fire of constant misunderstandings, arguments, and heartaches.

Fellow Aquarians do not easily dismiss the mistakes of others, particularly if it was against them personally. As insensitive as they are to the feelings of others, is how highly sensitive they are to their own feelings. They do go with logic rather than with their emotions, but if their own ego is stepped on or put down, they can be as furious as a raging bull, whether towards Aquarian or non-Aquarian.

Both of them easily cope with their need for space and freedom, but they are both rebels. Aquarians are faithful lovers, never loyal. They will have many affairs and flings and constantly looking for partners to fulfill them, emotionally and intellectually. But don't take this seriously about them. These are just innocent flirtations and they both know this about themselves.

Don'ts With an Aquarian and Aquarian Relationship

Aquarians are known to be tactless and insensitive. When in heated arguments, it is best that both keep cool and stay away from each other for a while. If they do not learn to listen and to stop, this relationship may not last. Even though your signs are the same, an Aquarian Relationship Compatibility Reading can be very insightful.

Likewise, Aquarians can be quite full of themselves. They act superior both on an intellectual and emotional level. When two Aquarians collide, it can be a clash of power. Both must learn to give and take and to step aside to compromise to make this relationship work.

Lastly, both must not give each other too much space. It can kill the relationship. Aquarians are curious in nature. They love to explore, set new boundaries, and become free. This can lead to constant flirtations with others, and if their partner does not act immediately, it can end the relationship.

Disadvantages of Aquarius and Aquarius Relationship

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Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility Relationships

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What The Relationship Needs

Two Aquarians together in a relationship can be a perfect match, but it must be based on trust, loyalty, and freedom. Aquarians may take time to entrust their full selves, but it is something that is worthwhile to wait for. If both learn to compromise and give, this relationship can end up with wedding bells.

Respect is another thing that can make this relationship work. Both must learn to respect each others space, opinions, and decisions. Despite the circumstances that they are both too overpowering and demanding, there is something to be positive about with this love-hate relationship. Use your Daily Aquarius Horoscope Reading to help manage your highs and lows.

Lastly, this relationship needs spontaneity. Both must feed each others minds, stand still despite each others stubbornness, and drive each others craziness. Intimacy, mutual respect, and individuality bring this love affair along a parallel path to a happy and long term union.

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Advantages of Aquarius and Aquarius Relationship

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