On the flip side, Leo will fill the relationship with romance. Leo is always in love with the idea of love, and therefore, they will do everything to make it successful. They love to pamper their loved ones with lavish gifts and showering them with sweet compliments in the hope that their partner will reciprocate the same gestures they give.

More so, the relationship between leaves no room for infidelity. Though, there are instances that Leo will find Aquarius too sociable, which may threaten their need for security, Aquarius will remain true to the relationship. They can be free-spirited, but once they put their commitment into something, it can be hard to change their mind.
Aquarius is as spontaneous and flamboyant as Leo, and Leo is as idealistic and eager as the free-spirited Aquarius. Likewise, both enjoy satisfying their humanitarian side. They love helping and feel a high when people need them.

More so, both signs are people-oriented, making the line of communication between them blissful. Anything goes, and they can simply talk about everything under the sun. Furthermore, they share the same interest in art, music, history, business, traveling, and innovative technologies. Likewise, Aquarius can be unpredictably energetic, whereas Leo is very amiable and shines bright like their element, the sun. Both seek constant interaction with the people around them, and they simply enjoy each other's company.

The only problem this relationship may face is when Leo finds Aquarius detached and unemotional. Leo always craves attention and intimacy, whereas Aquarius wants to maintain their independence. Aquarius does not like being emotionally strangled, much less pried upon in their private lives, which Leo unconsciously does merely to kill their suspicions and paranoia. However, all these and more make their relationship challenging and, at the same time, interesting.
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Aquarius and Leo make an excellent team. They come from different elements, with Leo being influenced by their fire element and Aquarius with air.

And in the same way fire needs air to sustain a marvelous and essential flame, Leo finds Aquarius important in their lives. Both share the same qualities, so it becomes natural for them to relate and work well together.
On the contrary, Aquarius must suppress or even overcome their emotional coldness. They must understand that Leo only wants to feel secure, it would not hurt them if they could give in to Leo's need for attention and intimacy. Likewise, Aquarius must find time to give Leo honest compliments. If both parties are willing to make these simple adjustments, they can actually make their relationship for keeps.

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Aquarius and Leo Compatibility
The relationship between Leo and Aquarius brings a different level of chemistry and intimacy. Leo finds it surprising that despite Aquarius' tough and rigid aura, deep within they are also capable of sustaining a tight connection. Though, they may not be clingy, Aquarius never fails to show their love, even if it is in a different way.

Aquarius will always be in awe of Leo with their surprises and thoughtful manners. These surprises include things such as purchasing the latest cell phone just to send sweet messages, or getting the latest game console simply to spend quality time with their Leo partner playing their favorite games. Likewise, Aquarius remain to be one of the most honest and loyal signs in the zodiac, which Leo truly appreciates.
Leo's qualities are quite different than Aquarius when it comes to emotional inclination. This is probably the number-one factor for their repeated fights and arguments. While Leo would wish to be sympathized with during long days of work or during a terrible fight with a friend, Aquarius would quickly shrug Leo off and take cover. They do not like facing any drama, confrontations, or any situations involving emotions. Even with their own, they tend to deny any emotional turmoil; and all these can deeply wound Leo's feelings.

More so, Leo seeks someone who can give them enough attention to satisfy their need for security within the relationship. The kind of love they imagine is one full of compliments, care, and affection. However, Aquarius can only do so much in their own little way. And the more that Aquarius find Leo expecting, the more are they pushed to think twice and just flee.

Add to that, Aquarius finds Leo to be too rigid, possessive, and jealous. They love their freedom above anything else, and anyone threatening this is considered an enemy. They are adventurous and are not afraid to live outside the box. They can be a bit rebellious, especially if someone dominates or imposes authority over them. Once they are in love, they want their partner to just let them be and be contented with the amount of love they can give, which Leo will find bizarre and ridiculous.

What The Relationship Needs

The romantic relationship between Leo and Aquarius can merit a seven or an eight when it comes to compatibility. Though, what they have may start out difficult and at a slow pace, as both set aside their differences, they will find it fulfilling to actually have shared love and romance together.

What this relationship needs is understanding and compromise. Leo must understand that it is only natural for Aquarius to protect their freedom, and that they will die fighting for it. Leo must learn to give Aquarius enough leeway and try to be less possessive and jealous.
Aquarius Compatibility

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Disadvantages of Aquarius and Leo Relationship

Advantages of Aquarius and Leo Relationship

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Aquarius and Leo Compatibility

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