Nonetheless, it will be interesting how these two survive each other's differences. Virgos are known for their systematic and orderly ways, while Aquarius can be a little unpredictable. They will do as they please and expect everyone around them to respect that. Virgo, on the other hand, loves to put a leash around their loved ones. They are so critical that they will constantly get a 180 degrees point view of their partner's every move, and insensitively criticize every single mistake they make, which Aquarius furiously disapproves of.

However, do not get Aquarians wrong, they too are devoted lovers. They simply need to explore their individuality in order to feel happy in the relationship. The success of their relationship starts with the respect their partner gives, not only with their love for freedom, but also with their points of view. They want someone who can be their comrade in arms, and someone who shares nearly the same opinions and ideas as theirs.

If both Virgo and Aquarius take time to understand what they really want from each other, then what they have can actually work for the long haul.
If Virgo would just take things at a much slower pace and in a more melodious tone, Aquarius would gladly accept their constructive criticism. Aquarius just needs a little leeway to formulate everything before they actually accept change.

On the contrary, if Aquarius gives their Virgo the chance to showcase their prowess, care, and love, then Virgo would be much delighted. Virgo only seeks to bring everyone around them to success because they, too, aim to be a better person. They need someone who can share the same passion and drive, and for Aquarius to see this light rather than nit-picking Virgo's every decision, then things between them would be better.
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Aquarius and Virgo can be a compatible pair, but it needs a lot of effort from both parts to make it even better. Both are influenced by different elements, where Virgo comes from mutable signs, and Aquarians are fixed; leaving for an inevitable personality mismatch.

While Virgo seeks practicality in life, Aquarius will live theirs in a fantasy. And these are main issues that would normally settle for clashes and disagreements.
Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility
Earth and Air usually are known to be incompatible, but Virgo and Aquarius have positive qualities that can help neutralize clashes between them. The most common denominator is their passion and devotion for each other.

Detached as they may seem, both Aquarius and Virgo love to pamper their loved ones, just in different ways. Virgo likes to give caring attention and provide intimate touches as a way to showcase their feelings. Aquarius will match that by showering their love one with material gifts, such as giving the latest cell phone, or buying the latest game console craze.

Though Aquarius may find Virgo too judgmental, they remain to be considerate to listening to Virgo's reprimands. Aquarius is a good listener, always picking up important details to remember. The only thing they would hate is confrontations. If faced with one, they will shrug issues off and tend to be rebellious. If Virgo would simply take things at a mellow tone or on a more conscious level, Aquarius would actually take even more time to not just listen to Virgo's whines, but actually to follow their reprimands.
Sadly, Virgo and Aquarius need to face a few issues for their relationship to work out. Number one on the list is Aquarius' unpredictability and disorganization. Virgos are known for doing things excellently. They always look before they leap, so things between them are always planned out and organized. Aquarius, on the contrary, takes things at a lighting flash of opportunity. Once their mind sets them in a new direction, they will quickly head for it without even looking for warning signs. They love the feeling of adrenaline rush for new opportunities, risks, and quests. Likewise, Aquarius constantly disregards reality and clings more to their fantasies.  For Virgo and Aquarius to come personally into these challenges every day, can constantly test their patience.

Furthermore, Virgos always get offended when they know that their secrets will never be safe with their Aquarius mate. Aquarius has such a great memory and is a good listener. Though emotionally detached and secretive themselves, because of their love for honesty, Aquarius just cannot help themselves in revealing other people's dirty secrets. And for a trustworthy Virgo, this can mean big problems.
Aquarius Compatibility

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Disadvantages of Aquarius and Virgo Relationship

Advantages of Aquarius and Virgo Relationship

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Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility

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On the contrary, Aquarius finds Virgo unwilling and too domineering. Aquarius is known to be progressive, always bold and courageous to accept change and challenges. Virgos, on the flip side, love to weight things first before deciding. To an Aquarian, Virgo's indecisiveness and too-careful analysis towards everything can only waste time and precious opportunities.

Aquarius is a free-spirited individual. They love doing things they want, whenever and however they want it. They do not like other people prying into their personal time, much less manipulating their decisions. And for a constructive Virgo to always have a shoulder eye on everything can constantly irritate their Aquarian.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Virgo and Aquarius is a promising match if, and only if, both parties are willing to take the challenge of accepting each other's flaws and differences. What this relationship needs is adaptability and change.

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