The knack that Aries has for putting things into action can benefit both signs. There is a tight connection between the two, and since both signs place high importance on their independence, there are few questions or conflicts about it. There is enough space between the two, space for themselves and for their friends. 

Aquarian's personality is very similar to Aries. They have the same interests. There is no insecurity and everything just drives them closer, allowing for smooth sailing in their relationship.

Both are spontaneous, and their unpredictability makes their relationship all the more exciting. Aquarius stimulates Aries intellectually, while Aries in turn shares Aquarius' love for physical adventures and crusades. There is never a dull moment between the two and this union possess so much passion and understanding. Their views towards life and how they drive them together make this union, if not ideal, by far one of the best.
When it comes to relationships, there is a mutual respect and admiration between an Aries and an Aquarian. A pairing between the two has a solid potential that, even amidst all the challenges, can stand strong to succeed.  

Aquarius is full of enthusiasm and energy. They always have big dreams, but lack the motivation to pursue them. 
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Aquarius and Aries Compatibility
The relationship between an Aquarius and Aries brings a higher degree of compatibility. There is not much conflict, and if ever there are heated arguments, they can easily resolve them through dynamic approaches. Both signs strive to understand each other, and this always brings equilibrium between them.

Aries and Aquarius both have wild imaginations, and they never allow anything to restrain them. Their creativity and uniqueness do not affect how they are in the relationship. Both love fun and freedom. Aquarians will always be there to encourage Aries' spontaneity while Aries, in turn, supports how creative and eccentric they can be.
Just like any other relationship, the pairing of Aries and Aquarians is not all perfect. By far, the one thing that constantly affects Aries is their tendency to get moody all the time. Small things can easily upset them, and when this happens, they make sure that everyone around them gets the same feeling. They can be pushy, demanding, and insensitive.

The good thing is, Aquarians are never impulsive. They normally think things out before they act, even with the way they show their emotions, they are always cautious. They are so patient and level headed that they never even give in after seeing the worst side in their Aries mate.

Another thing that can affect the relationship is Aquarian's unrealistic ideas. They are so full of them, but they seldom carry them out. They love to plan ahead, which in turn can over-excite Aries, only to have them be disappointed in the end. This trait upsets Aries all the more, again leading to inevitable arguments.

What The Aquarius and Aries Relationship Needs

The relationship between Aries and Aquarius is a good match. Both share similar personality traits that add up to their compatibility. Both admire each other's unique individuality and flaws that make the relationship all the more exciting, spontaneous, and carefree.

Disadvantages of Aquarius and Aries Relationship

Advantages of Aquarius and Aries Relationship

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Aquarius and Aries Compatibility

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What this relationship needs is for both to learn how to compromise. Aries with their hot temper must learn to mellow out and be more sensitive to the feelings of their Aquarian. Likewise, Aquarius must extend their patience and at the same time be more open and fearless to show their sensitive side.

Furthermore, consistency is the key for their relationship's success. Aquarius must keep stimulating their Arian's wild and creative imagination and, at the same time, Aries must help their Aquarian materialize their dreams. Both must keep the same level of passion, love and enthusiasm, and this love match will be smooth sailing.

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Both signs love to socialize, and this never poses a threat to either one. The only difference between the two is that Aquarians usually take time to trust others, even their Aries partner's dearest friends. They are great communicators and highly charismatic, often taking the limelight away from Aries, which Aries doesn't mind, but they normally connect on a non-emotional basis.

Lastly, Aquarian's patience greatly benefits Aries. They can easily absorb their Aries partner's temperaments without feeling the need to throw it all back at them. Aquarius can handle even the toughest situation without getting upset, and they can put Aries back to reality in a very cordial manner, which to Aries' surprise, they immediately submit to.