The  same holds true with Aquarius because when they finally find a mate who can accept their complexity, they will do all they can to sustain the special  connection they have. Likewise, security and stability are very apparent between Libra and Aquarius. The idea of infidelity terrifies Libra. Making the right decision no  matter what is always on their mind, and despite Aquarius' love for freedom, they will reciprocate their Libra's loyalty by being faithful and  trustworthy themselves.

More so, Libra and Aquarius are two devoted individuals focused on their goals. Libra is one of the most diligent individuals who rarely lacks the  enthusiasm to pursue what they want. Aquarius, despite their eccentric and unstable ways, is as creative and passionate with what they do. And so, both  Libra and Aquarius will be each other's right hand at achieving each other's dreams.
When it comes to communication, Libra and Aquarius will not have any problem. Libra, as a natural leader, wants to lead the relationship, and Aquarius  will happily follow. In fact, Libra and Aquarius will be each other's comrade in arms. While Libra fights for fairness and justice, Aquarius may have to  change their priorities and support their Libra's advocacies. Same goes with Libra where they always aid their Aquarius with their humanitarian quests  and activities.

Their spontaneity is what actually makes their relationship stronger. Libra and Aquarius enjoy social activities together, making their union always fun  and interesting. Both will be eager to try adrenaline rushing sports, extreme adventure, or simply enjoying the company of good friends and relatives.

The things that may come between them are Aquarius' emotional coldness, and Libra's domineering persona.  It can be hard to change an Aquarians mind,  but Libra will always try to convince and push their ways. However, as stubborn as Aquarius is with their views, Libra can only hope and patiently wait.  Nonetheless, all these and more are petty things that Libra and Aquarius can easily surpass.
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Libra and Aquarius make a union that works well together. Both are highly committed and passionate about each other.

As their air element influences  them, it will be instictive that both will support and guide each other towards their goals and ambitions in life. Even with intimacy, Libra and  Aquarius will not have a hard time showing their emotions as the chemistry they have is strong.
Aquarius and Libra Compatibility
The preservation of a tight connection is very evident between Libra and Aquarius. Libra gives so much importance with their relationship, including  keeping an amiable connection. Libra, despite their balancing act, will always prioritize keeping everything in harmony, even if it means putting on a  poker face. Even on the verge of their anger, they will always try to keep things from blowing up, simply to spare the feelings of their loved one. 
It does not come as any surprise that Libra and Aquarius will have their own periods of disagreements and clashes. One such instance is when Libra and  Aquarius do not admit their mistakes. Libra, because of their knack to seek fairness and equality, feels that they are always right. They will have a  hard time accepting their flaws or adjusting and modifying their ways if someone scrutinizes them. Aquarius feels the same way. They will either  disregard reprimands because they will only see it as a different way than Aquarius' way of doing things. More so, Aquarius does not like disagreements.  When Libra pushes things, they will simply run away and leave issues behind.

On the contrary, Aquarius may treat Libra on a friendship level. They may perceive their partner as their best friend or someone readily available if  they need something. As a result, Aquarius will not give many emotional investments because they feel vulnerable if they do so just in case things will  not work out between them and their partner. For a sentimental and sensitive Libra, this always draws so many questions.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Libra and Aquarius is close to perfection. Despite the many differences they constantly have to face, both possess a certain  level of maturity that enables them to see past each other's flaws and diversities.

Setting ground rules at the beginning as well as spontaneity is all it takes to place their relationship a notch higher. Sometimes, Libra and Aquarius  have different ways of doing things. For instance, Libra is more meticulous, whereas Aquarius is simply spontaneous and unpredictable. More so, Libra  can be clingier as compared to a free-spirited and detached Aquarius. If both parties lay out all their cards and how they want the relationship to go,  both parties will simply give in and understand as both do not like conflicts, much less having friction between them.
On the contrary, Libra and Aquarius will not have a hard time spending quality and fun times together. Both have the same knack for socializing,  adventure, and interesting topics to talk about. Their gift of gab and their amiable spirit brings them closer as both delve deeper into the  relationship. And if both continue this path, it will be inevitable that what they have may even proceed to the altar.

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