As far as communication is concerned, chances are Scorpio and Aquarius will never run out of disagreements. One of the main issues they will consistently argue about is regarding decision making and freedom. Scorpio is too firm and decisive, whereas Aquarius can change their wants in an instant. And no matter how hard Scorpio would like to tame their Aquarian, they will be as swift as the wind to avoid all their attempts. Because of this, constant miscommunication and clashes will come between them.

Scorpio and Aquarius have deep regard for self-esteem and will power. Scorpio has the tendency to know what makes other people tick, so they use this as their strategic weapon to manipulate and control. On the contrary, Aquarius is a tremendous rebel. Their mind is so complex that they perceive anyone trying to point out their mistakes as a way to deprive them of their individuality.

Nonetheless, both are highly devoted and passionate when in love. No matter how complex Scorpio and Aquarius are, they will continue to sustain a connection that will be worth fighting for.
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The difference between Scorpio and Aquarius is very evident. Both come from contradicting elements. Scorpio is influenced by water whereas Aquarius is driven by their air sign.

Scorpio is more focused and fixed with their decisions and opinions, whereas Aquarius has no problem being flexible and open minded with their ways. And because of this, both will have a hard time dealing with each other.
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Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility
Scorpio and Aquarius work against one another, making their relationship always on rough ground. But, despite this, there remain a few blissful things both can share together. For one, Scorpio and Aquarius will have no problem reading each other.

Few are aware how Scorpio's mind really works. They are so secretive and mysterious that they can maintain a poker face even on the verge of anger. However, no matter how delicate Scorpio's persona can be, Aquarius will easily read them.

Aquarius' intuition and sensitivity will be their key to looking over their Scorpios' covert feelings.

More so, both are fiercely loyal and devoted to each other. Scorpio, though secretive, will never tolerate infidelity. In fact, they can be very unforgiving even with little white lies. And since Aquarius is as devoted as they are, Scorpio will never feel threatened nor be afraid of possibilities of disloyalty.
Unfortunately, Scorpio and Aquarius need to put forth an enormous amount of effort to make their relationship work.  One of the many issues they need to work out is with decision making. Even with their low self-esteem, Scorpio never backs down on any situation. They will show a fierce persona to mask their insecurities inside. They will not understand the indecisiveness of other people, which they will always see with Aquarius. Just like the wind that can change their direction, Aquarius can also be wavering and hesitant with their decisions.

On the contrary, Aquarius always has a hard time dealing with Scorpio's surprises and unpredictable nature. Scorpio is so passionate about everything. They will instantly jump the second their heart pumps into a new hobby or interest. Scorpio tends to do things without fair warning, which can disrupt Aquarius' peace of mind.

When it comes to emotional inclinations, Scorpio and Aquarius differ big time. Scorpio is more tuned into intimacy and security of a relationship, whereas Aquarius has a high sense of freedom. Aquarius does not feel comfortable with so many restrictions and rules, which Scorpio will always implement because of their insecurities and suspicions. Because of this, constant clashes and disagreements will come between them.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Scorpio and Aquarius is something hard to figure out because their astral elements are contradictory to each other. Both are so fixed with their opinions and attributes that it is hard for them to accept and adjust to each other's ways.

What this relationship needs is for both to learn how to compromise. Scorpio with their unreliability and unpredictability can disrupt Aquarius' knack for organization. The same holds true with Aquarius, who prefers to follow their free-spirited persona rather than be responsive to the feelings of others.

If both take a step back and try to be more responsive and critical of their actions around each other and learn to meet half way, their relationship can actually survive the odds of disparity.
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Disadvantages of Aquarius and Scorpio Relationship

Advantages of Aquarius and Scorpio Relationship

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Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

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