Cancers are bound by their routines whereas Aquarius can be a bit mysterious and volatile. They do not like doing the same old things, which Cancer does all the time. They like variety and are not afraid to accept change. For instance, when Cancer has agreed upon a fixed schedule or activity, without any hesitation, Aquarius may impulsively change it in an instant, and this about them can drive Cancer crazy.

And when it comes to emotional compatibility, what this relationship pairing can be a bit disappointing. Unlike Cancer, Aquarius rarely invests in commitments. While Aries can be nurturing and giving, Aquarius will remain secretive and aloof.

They can be a bit demanding and overly carefree. They will do as they please without thinking how their Cancer partner feels about it, or how they would react. And because Cancer tends to be extremely sensitive, this can often lead to constant disagreements. The relationship may start interesting and romantic, but as both delve into the relationship, it needs more than physical attraction and a lot of hard work for the relationship to remain stable.
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The relationship between a Cancer and an Aquarius can be very unstable. Aquarius comes from the water element, and like water colliding with air, the relationship can always be unpredictable, full of turmoil, and emotional challenges.

While Cancer wants to lead, stubborn Aquarius will resist their every move. They are a fixed sign, so it only comes natural to them to firmly set their mind.
Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility
Despite their differences, there are a few things both signs share in common that they find blissful within the relationship. For one, Aquarius has a natural curiosity towards everything. They will not rest until they have satisfied their interest, which makes the relationship between the two more interesting. When Cancer becomes bored with their routines, Aquarius is readily there to introduce new ideas, activities, and concepts. 
When the two signs are together, there is never a dull moment, and both are sure to have a blast. And though, Aquarians may sometimes be undependable, they remain great helpers and a wonderful friend. If they value someone, they will do everything to please them, even to look out for them 24/7. They are always quick to extend a hand, and never will they turn their back on anyone. And because Cancer needs constant appreciation and reassurance in the relationship, this gesture will encourage them to be more committed.

On the flip side, Aquarius appreciates how stable Cancer can be, both financially and with their personality. Aquarius finds it convenient knowing that Cancer knows how to hold on to their money how they never take financial stability lightly. And when Cancer sets their eyes on the prize, they will do everything to achieve it. This shows Cancer to be responsible with a trustworthy image in Aquarius' perception. This can also imply that Cancers are loyal and very determined, bringing stability to the relationship.
No matter how much effort is put into the relationship; Cancer and Aquarius still share different traits, making their relationship a bit difficult. For instance, Aquarius finds their freedom, more than anything else, very important. They will not fully commit to any relationship if they know they can be restricted. Likewise, they love to put up boundaries, only to ensure that they can enjoy their independence as much as they want. And since Cancer can be overly possessive, this will usually lead to recurring clashes and disagreements.

Furthermore, Cancer can never expect constancy from an Aquarian. They come and go. They are so overly impulsive that it comes natural to them to suddenly change their mind without prior notice. And this is something Cancers extremely hate, especially if they already have something fixed in their mind. Changing plans or deviating from what Cancer has solely prepared for is a big no-no to them.

On the contrary, Aquarius is bothered with Cancer's clingy and emotional traits. For Cancer to feel loved, they need constant reassurance, such as regular updates from their partners, continuous texts or phone calls. Simple things like listening to every story they tell or agreeing to every idea they share is a big plus in Cancer's eyes. However, since Aquarius has a short span of attention, they always become uninterested in Cancer's routines and emotional inclinations, and this is bound to hurt Cancer's ego.

What The Relationship Needs

In a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, the relationship between Cancer and Aquarius would probably merit a four or a five. Depending on how extreme they embrace their personalities, these two would have no days of being loathsome towards each other. They will often fight about missed dinner dates, especially from Aquarius or about unreasonable suspicions and paranoia coming from Cancer.

Disadvantages of Aquarius and Cancer Relationship

Advantages of Aquarius and Cancer Relationship

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Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

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To make this relationship work, they need to do a whole lot of compromising. Cancer must strive hard to be more flexible to the unpredictability of Aquarius whereas Aquarius should be more sensitive to Cancer's emotional needs. More so, if both give each other enough leeway wherein Cancer can give their full trust, and Aquarius can support Cancer's routines, then things between them would be much better.

If both signs make these simple adjustments, no matter how odd their relationship may be, the fact remains that with hard work and true love, everything has the potential to be conquered.

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