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Pisces Compatible
The Best Astrology Signs for Pisces Compatibility

These compatibility rankings are based on sun signs only.  A detailed Spiritual Astrology Reading will map your exact personality and character traits to all the planet positions, at the exact time and location of your birth. 

Compatibility Reading will match your soul to the soul of your partner in the same manner. You will learn this type of reading is much more complex than this.
The best matches for a Pisces are:  CancerScorpio, and Capricorn. The relationships you may have difficulty with are:   SagittariusVirgo, and Gemini.

#1 Pisces and Cancer: A One-Of-A-Kind Relationship

Signs Compatible with Pisces

Cancer is your ultimate dreamboat. They can understand you like no other sign. Their strength will take you to new heights and help you accomplish your inner-most dreams. Your tendency to be withdrawn can completely be expelled once you've fallen in love with a Cancer. When in a relationship with a Cancer, you will find yourself knowing exactly what your partner is feeling. It's a psychic connection unlike anything you have experienced. This link builds a strong, lasting bond that connects your emotional aspects of your souls together. Use your Pisces Love Horoscope to balance your emotions and make the connection one of the strongest in the universe.

#2 Pisces and Scorpio: Bringing Out the Best In Each Other

The Pisces Personality and Scorpio will add a necessary balance to the Pisces tendency to procrastinate. Scorpios are detail oriented and as a result can help a Pisces to realize their dreams and put them into motion rather than stay locked in their head as a mere daydream or wish. Scorpios natural "pedal to the metal" approach doesn't give a Pisces much time to second guess or feel guilty. It also pushes the Pisces to blossom and shed any introvert ideas. The Scorpio will need all your love and patience you can muster as they go through their highs and lows, leaving a Pisces with the much desired sense of being needed.

#3 Pisces and Capricorn: Relationship Filled With Passion and Love

Capricorn is the third in line to be considered for companionship. Capricorn's passion felt for life compliments Pisces' love of loving things. Not only is a Capricorn passionate about life, but are hard-working and ambitious. This can be the very drive a Pisces needs to put their daydreams into reality. Capricorns tend to be realistic, which will help Pisces to decipher unrealistic dreams from realistic ones. Pisces ability to dream will help draw a Capricorn out of their cautious shells, too. It's a balance that is perfectly ripe for success.

#4 Pisces and Leo: Artistic Value in a Relationship

Both Pisces and Leo are artsy-craftsy type people. Since this is a passion both share, it gives them a strong common ground to build a relationship from. Add the fact that both are also romantic people and you have the mixing for a solid, yet fun, relationship. Your Pisces Love Horoscope will help you turn a good day into a great one!
#5 Pisces and Aries: Up for the Challenge

Aries is always seeking the next great challenge. They pride themselves on accomplishments. Being the highly motivated people they are, they can help poth the Pisces Personality out of their passive ways. With Pisces and Aries together, Pisces can see their dreams come to reality. Just don't let the temper tantrums of Aries bring you down.

#6 Pisces and Libra: Romantics at Heart but Emotionally Detached

Pisces and Libra are both romantics at heart. Another compliment to the relationship is that Libra is aggressive enough to help Pisces bring dreams to reality, much like Aries. However, Libras can be manipulative. As long as Pisces makes sure their dreams coming to fruit benefit themselves, not just Libra, all should be well.

#7 Pisces and Pisces: High Spirited Daydreamers

Pisces are die-hard romantic daydreamers. Put two Pisces together and you wind up with loads of romance and a ton of dreams. Just don't expect to get much done since they're also procrastinators. Pisces is also prone to complaining, so consider this when deciding to date a fellow Pisces.

#8 Pisces and Aquarius: Thinking and Emotional Opposites

Aquarius' intuition is a good pairing for Pisces personality and psychic abilities. However, Pisces is open to much more new ideas, while Aquarius is much more logical and inhibited. These traits are polar opposites in a relationship. If opposites attracting is your thing, then go for it. You will probably find more tension than you both is comfortable with between these two signs.

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Top Ranked Pisces Compatibility Relationships

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#9 Pisces and Taurus: Down-to-Earth Meets Dreamer

Taurus is a good addition to Pisces when it comes to loving, adoring and showing affection. However, when the dreamer comes out in Pisces, Taurus tends to slap Pisces into reality. Find and Taurus that is ok with dreaming and your relationship might stand a chance. You will find ways to implement balance by reading your Pisces Love Horoscope.

#10 Pisces and Sagittarius: Too Serious to Dream

Sagittarius can be too serious and sedentary for the Pisces Personality. They lack the desire to embark on new adventures and as a result your dreams will remain dreams. While they are all about the glitz and flash, a Pisces is more whimsical, creating quite a clash of tastes and desires.

#11 Pisces and Virgo: Friendship over Relationship

Virgo is better left as a friend that a soul mate contender. Virgos tend to be compulsive about cleanliness, while Pisces are care-free, passive and clutter bugs. Virgos are also worriers, making it hard for a Pisces to be free to dream and consider possibilities. This relationship would take a great deal of work and compromise to work.

#12 Pisces and Gemini: Relationship Lacks Organization

Gemini is a match worth second-guessing. Gemini is a bit scatter-brained and unorganized. Pisces can find themselves identifying with the unorganized quality. However, the lack of follow through caused by the scatter-brain that will be the relationship downfall. Reading your daily Pisces Love Horoscope will certainly help you overcome any challenges.

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