There is a perfect balance between the positive and negative points in a Taurus and Pisces union. Surprisingly, both signs learn so many things from each other. On matters where a decision is needed, Taurus can teach Pisces to take things at a slow pace.

For Taurus, making impulsive decisions and taking risks without thinking of the consequences is an example of being irresponsible. Another positive gift both signs enjoy together in the relationship is how they communicate well. 
Though things may start slow between them, the union between these two signs can be both progressive and rewarding. It starts with the magnetic attraction Taurus has towards Pisces as they charm them with their chivalrous gestures and romantic approach. On the flip side, Taurus attracts Pisces with their humor and intelligence.

However, in the long run, the two signs come to see past admiration and their set differences settle in, but this tends to make their relationship all the more exciting. Pisces is changeable, whereas Taurus is rigid and fixed. They rarely make impulsive decisions, which Pisces is highly good at. Pisces are risk takers and lack the love for money and respect for authority. Nonetheless, in spite of all the differences, it is not impossible for a Taurus and Pisces love relationship to achieve long-term success.
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A Taurus and Pisces romantic relationship can bring both harmony and stability. Pisces' idealism and Taurus' grounded approach match well together. Both signs have the same drive and passion towards their dreams as well as how they put them into action.

Taurus admires how Pisces can be compassionate and probably the only soul that can understand their practicality, where as Pisces admires how Taurus can be trustworthy and dependable.
Pisces and Taurus Compatibility
On the flip side, Pisces must understand that Taurus has the tendency to be manipulative and domineering, but this does not mean they can allow them to do just that. As meek and shy as they are, they also must let their voice be heard. They should never always yield to Taurus' fury and mood swings. If both live for the passion and intensity of their romance, the union they have, though can be a bit challenging, has a great possibility of being successful.

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Both signs are sensitive and expressive, but Pisces comes to be more understanding and compassionate. They are great listeners and never judgemental. They accept Taurus, even with their flaws. On an intellectual level, the two may clash on some views and points, but Taurus could never resist being attracted to Pisces imaginative and brave gusto for adventure and knowledge; things that can make their relationship stronger.

Lastly, the relationship is fueled by loyalty and romance. Both signs are passionate about everything. Pisces is not afraid to be intimate, whereas Taurus will give them all that they have from the start. Pisces understands Taurus' need for security and; therefore, they don't make them feel insecure, unappreciated or unloved. In return, Taurus repays them with loyalty and sincerity.
The immediate attraction Taurus has with Pisces, for the most part, may not be enough to make the relationship work. Because of their set differences, there is a great chance that their mutual admiration can turn to friendship rather than lovers. However, as long as both are dedicated to overcoming their dissimilarities, it is never impossible that they can move mountains.

While Pisces lives within a world full of dreams, Taurus lives on practicality and reality. Pisces can get lost in their own fantasies, but fail to materialize whatever they have in mind. This is where disagreements may build up. Taurus are strong-willed and determined individuals. They work hard, and they play hard, so they don't appreciate it if the people around them are complacent and lazy, which Pisces can excel at.

Likewise, both signs differ when it comes to the things they place importance on. As Taurus values success and money more than anything, Pisces values devotion to friends and aspiration to their dreams. While Taurus gets busy making plans and materializing their dreams to achieve success in life, Pisces will dream with them, but rarely take the step to materialize their own. This can lead to constant misunderstandings.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Taurus and Pisces is a love match connected by their certain differences and appreciation towards their unique individuality. Though things can start out well, their dissimilarities begin to take a toll and they may find the relationship to be a bit challenging. Nevertheless, they also find it fulfilling and exciting.

What this relationship needs is for both to learn how to understand and accept each other's flaws. Taurus must appreciate Pisces' own little ways to be progressive and productive. Though they prefer to be surrendered in their dreams, Pisces can rev up their momentum, as long as they get the right motivation. So, instead of scrutinizing Pisces' complacency and laziness, it would be better if Taurus helps them out instead. Together,  they can achieve many things.

Disadvantages of Pisces and Taurus Relationship

Advantages of Pisces and Taurus Relationship

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Pisces and Taurus Compatibility

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