Pisces is highly attuned to their emotional side, making them more sensitive to the people around them. And knowing that Libra has their own share of  sanity issues, where they can be gentle one instant and hyper the next, Pisces will continue to understand. Even when Libra is too argumentative with  their opinions, Pisces will continue to soak up their own emotions only to give way to Libra's sentiments.

And because of Libra's knack for balance, Pisces will feel they are secure and appreciated. Libra, despite their hectic schedules and the many things  they jungle all at once, will never allow their loved one to feel less important. They will make sure to maintain an amiable relationship with everyone  around them. For them, nothing is as important as their loved ones and the people they hold dear.
On the other  hand, Pisces, as dynamic and bold as they are, will constantly test Libra's patience, often restricting any rules or obligations passed on. As a result,  when things are needed to be done, clashes come first before any decision is made.

Even with communication, Libra and Pisces have a long way to go. Where Libra is too focused on the pros and cons of situations, Pisces can be flexible  with their views and opinions. When both try to push their own points, conflicts between them can even be heightened up. Shaking Pisces out of their  delusional and fairytale thinking can bring their whole world down, and the same goes with Libra when they push something and are being rejected.

One thing that probably holds the relationship is their passion and emotional connection together. Libra in their hope to preserve harmony in the  relationship will do everything to keep it, including keeping all things in balance and amiable. Like Libra, Pisces will also be attuned to the  emotional inclination they have with their partner, making it very easy for them to hone balance and peace within the relationship.
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The astral qualities and elements between Libra and Pisces are mismatched.

Libra comes from the air sign and Pisces from water, and the way air can stir  turbulence with water is how hard it is for Libra and Pisces to work well together.

Conflicts may constantly arise, especially with decision making. Libra, a natural leader, will always prefer to lead the relationship. 
Pisces and Libra Compatibility
Despite their contradictory attributes, Libra and Pisces can teach and learn from each other. Libra will appreciate how Pisces can use their empathy to  help another, whereas Pisces sees Libra's passion for justice very appealing.
The relationship between Libra and Pisces, if to be rated, can merit a five or a six because of the huge differences they both have to deal with. For  one, Libra cannot accept their mistakes. Libras are self-conscious people who often take a lot of time weighing the positives and negatives of things,  and so they are more than confident that they are always right. However, Pisces with their strong hold on their points and views will bluntly oppose  Libra on the things they feel are not right. Libra, in turn, will not take this lightly. Because of this, Pisces will find their Libra almost impossible  all the time.

Next is Pisces' resistance to follow rules and restrictions. Since Pisces always thinks that they know what they are doing, they will have difficulty  accepting the lectures, especially the realities they are forced to see. Likewise, they enjoy their freedom and will not like constructive criticism,  much less being told how to do things.

Lastly, Pisces and Libra will constantly fight over responsibilities. Libra, as devoted and dependable as they are, will never back down on any  challenge, much less on a set goal that is needed to be done. Pisces, on the contrary, loves to go with the flow, the way a fish never goes against the  current of their lives. Because of this, Libra will usually see Pisces as lazy, whereas Pisces sees Libra to be overly meticulous and insensitive of  their leisure time.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Libra and Pisces is a union that is mismatched right from the start. Both come from different elements making it hard for them  to understand each other. Nonetheless, if both simply focus on the great things they share and learn to compromise, it isn't an impossibility for these  two opposite signs to actually attract and make a haven with each other.
Libra, with their knack for balance, would like to manipulate their loved ones to make sure they are well guided towards what they think is right.  However, Pisces has their own mind and decisions. Just like Libra, they, too, do not like being told what to do, much less being controlled or  manipulated. Because of this, constant disagreements may come between them.

For their relationship to work, both parties must learn to give and take. It is not important who is always right in the relationship, but the one who  takes a step backwards to give way to the other. If no one takes the initiative do so, then all thatt might have been will never flourish.

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Disadvantages of Libra and Pisces Relationship

Advantages of Libra and Pisces Relationship

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