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The emotional and physical chemistry between Virgo and Pisces is strong, making for a very promising relationship.

Virgo comes from an earth sign, whereas Pisces is influenced by a water element. Pisces will match Virgo's attributes and viewpoints in life in the same way that earth needs water. Both can potentially teach and learn different things from each other. 
Pisces and Virgo Compatibility
On the contrary, Pisces can be full of dreams and creativity, but also too emotionally sensitive. And when the feelings are injured, they tend to be a silent rebel, waiting for the right opportunity for vengeance. If Virgo learns how to mellow down their critical side and approach things in a calmer and more sensitive way, Pisces will honor their every concern and reprimand. And if Pisces tries to understand that Virgo only seeks to help and make their lives better, Virgo would be more pleased.

If both signs make these simple adjustments as well as continuing to share great experiences and learning together, then there is no stopping them from becoming the best pair of the zodiac. 

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Virgo can learn from Pisces' slow pace and progressive ways to face life's challenges while teaching them the value of practicality and security.

Virgo and Pisces communication skills are very complimentary to each other. Pisces finds it comforting how Virgo is always ready to help and give sound advice when they are in need. Virgos are great listeners. Because of their systematic ways and orderly manners, they feel that anything can be solved, and Pisces believes in them. Pisces, on the other hand, can offer up many fun and interesting topics as well as creative ideas that will stimulate Virgo. As detailed-oriented as they are, Virgo views Pisces' gift of seeing the bigger picture, love for variety, and being spontaneous very helpful for both of their success.

The only problem that Virgo and Pisces may face is with Virgo's tendency to be domineering and critical. Pisces does not like to be criticized. much less to be manipulated and reprimanded about their every move. They appreciate Virgo's honesty, but they only wish for things to be approached in a calmer and more professional way. Virgo, on the other hand, can not help themselves to fulfill their motherly instincts all the time. Nonetheless, all these and more are constructive elements that make Virgo and Pisces' relationship challenging, yet interesting.
One thing great between Virgo and Pisces is that both will gladly fill the role of a comrade in arms, always willing to rescue the other if in need or in trouble.
Virgo loves to play the role of knight in shining armor. They get a sense of fulfillment if they can showcase their prowess and to be able to apply their efforts to great use. Pisces, on the other hand, being naturally friendly, are good listeners and would go the extra mile to help others as well. Between them, there is no scarcity of concern, care, and love.

And at the height of the relationship, Virgo and Pisces will find each other's individuality beneficial to their success. For instance, since Pisces is always inattentive with their finances, this is where Virgo can help them out. Virgos are perhaps one of the most practical signs in the zodiac. They cannot stand careless decisions or  impractical spending of their hard earned money. Therefore, they can teach their Pisces partner how to handle and invest their money for good use.

On the contrary, Virgo will find Pisces's spontaneity very advantageous. Usually, Virgo gets stuck and bored with their everyday routines. They need fresh ideas and activities that can continuously stimulate their mind, and as adventurous and free-spirited Pisces can be, they will always be of great help.
There are two things the relationship between Virgo and Pisces will constantly face. The first one is Virgo's critical and domineering attitude. The second is Pisces' impracticality and impulsiveness.

Pisces is a peace-loving individual and they hate being under pressure. Since Virgo tends to constantly impose many rules and restrictions, Pisces will have a hard time working around Virgo. And despite Virgo's honest desire to help, Pisces just will not help getting irritated when Virgo inevitably criticizes their every move, especially when they make mistakes.

Since Pisces do not have high regards with their financial possessions, Virgo will persistently try to teach them how to manage their hard-earned money. They do not want to waste a penny on petty things, which Pisces will instantaneously spend with gusto. And this can always bring confrontations between them.

What The Relationship Needs

Virgo and Pisces share great compatibility. Intimacy and communication between them is highly commendable. What this relationship needs is spontaneity and a little compromise.

Virgo, despite their fight for honesty, can be too blunt and insensitive, which will constantly bruise their Pisces' ego. Pisces are free-spirited individuals. They know their way in and out of any situation, and their confidence exudes how they make their decisions in life. Nonetheless, Virgo feels that their immaturity and impracticality can hinder them from greater things, so they will constantly keep watch and, if needed, will reprimand and scrutinize.

Disadvantages of Pisces and Virgo Relationship

Advantages of Pisces and Virgo Relationship

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Pisces and Virgo Compatibility

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