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The relationship between Scorpio and Pisces is filled with strong points and satisfaction. With both coming from the water element, the two will be more in tuned to their emotions, bringing security between them.

Scorpio will have a wider understanding on the things that makes Pisces happy and mad, whereas Pisces will understand Scorpio's needs and passionately assure them.
Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility
On the flip side, Pisces becomes too detached to reality around them, making it hard for Scorpio talk about issues revolving around them because if they do, they are afraid to break Pisces' delusional world. If both will not tame down these sides of their persona, the relationship that can have a beautiful start may never flourish for the long haul.

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And when it comes to communication, Scorpio and Pisces will work well. Both will not set too many expectations for one another. Scorpio is intuitive enough to know what their Pisces wants despite their double personas, whereas Pisces will know their limitations, trying never to cross Scorpio's line.

The only thing both will have a problem with is when Scorpio starts to hound Pisces with their suspicious and zealous side. Scorpio in love is so intense that they are ready to fight anyone in order to protect their pride. Likewise, they are too sensitive and unforgiving. They have the tendency to mask their feelings to maintain an amiable reputation, but will wait for the perfect time to plot their revenge.

More so, it becomes an issue with them if they do the usual thing all the time. Pisces with their intricate personality and Scorpio's unpredictability will surprise each other, resulting in exhausting times together. But, when the intensity dies down, that is when the problem starts. Nonetheless, Pisces and Scorpio will always have challenging, yet fun times together, making their relationship very progressive.
The chemistry between Scorpio and Pisces is strong enough to overcome the differences they have. Despite Pisces' spontaneity and diversity, Scorpio will never distrust them. Pisces will give their Scorpio the security beyond what they can expect. They will level with their Scorpio's thinking, avoiding doing things that can trigger their suspicions. More so, both are sensitive to each other's feelings. Pisces is innately empathetic to the people around them.
They will soak up Scorpios' insecurities and fears, and will become their knight in shining armor or their comrade in arms during times they are down. The same holds true with Scorpio where they will always ready their stingers to defend anyone messing with their Pisces partner.

Likewise, both will long for someone who can enjoy a sense of relaxation and peace, which they will experience when together. Scorpio will seek balance over Pisces' intricate mind, whereas Pisces will overpower any reality to push their spontaneous daydreaming in order to disregard pain and problems with the relationship and to maintain an amiable connection with each other.
The beginning of the relationship is where most problems come into the picture between Scorpio and Pisces, and if both do not work to surpass them, it can actually mean the end of their union. For one, Scorpio feels uncertain towards Pisces' double personality. Scorpio has to work around many loops only to figure out what they truly want because, just like a two-faced fish, they can change their interest in the snap of a finger. Pisces will like one thing one instant and then change their mind the next, and few know that Scorpio when in such a situation can be short-tempered because of their fixed nature to stand firm with their decisions.

Scorpio is so passionate that they are always afraid someone will try to steal their loved one. Even within their realms they can create so many restrictions and regulations in order to contain their loved one from leaving them. As free-spirited and independent as Pisces is, they will not appreciate someone pinning them down and will do everything they can to avoid it.

On the contrary, Scorpio finds Pisces very delusional. Pisces loves to live in a fairy tale, and anyone who tries to disrupt it will taste their vicious anger. Their dreamy idealism satisfies their cravings for a perfect world, but Scorpio will not understand why they always disregard reality.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Scorpio and Pisces can be rated as a seven or an eight because of the similar traits they share. Scorpio and Pisces are both in tuned to their emotions making their relationship bound with strong connection. However, there are a few aspects both needs to work out. For instance, Scorpio has the tendencies to be too possessive and intense, whereas Pisces does their best to avoid confrontations and issues between them.

What this relationship needs is a dose of compromise. Scorpio should understand that Pisces' love for freedom is one of their priorities. Pisces needs to go with the flow, be diverse, and be open to new possibilities. However, with Scorpio's many restrictions, Pisces may always be at their boiling point with Scorpio. Therefore, Scorpio must learn to disregard their suspicions and distrust and, instead, focus their attention towards boosting Pisces' confidence and securing their relationship in a positive note. 
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Disadvantages of Pisces and Scorpio Relationship

Advantages of Pisces and Scorpio Relationship

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Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility

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