Instead, they will put up their radar for the perfect opportunity to guilt-trip Leo for what they have done, and then escape with delightful vengeance. Likewise, they know how Leo gets into trouble when their emotional sensitivity strikes them, so they will do everything to avoid it, such as pampering them with praise, or showering them with gifts.

On the contrary, Leo knows that Pisces loves fairy-tale relationships. Pisces is prone to daydreaming, so Leo will do everything to help materialize it. If Pisces dreams of being in a romantic place and having the perfect dinner date, Leo would get a head start and plan everything exactly how Pisces would want it, no matter how lavish and hard things may be. In fact, Leo can be the epitome of a martyr when in love. Though, they can be domineering, they always have this soft spot for their partner's crazy adventures, taboo-breaking ideas, and even to the most nonsensical things their loved one can think about.
While Leo sees a Pisces submissive side as a gesture of loyalty, Pisces actually does it only to escape any situations involving drama and emotional turmoil. They know that Leo is quite critical and sensitive, and therefore, they will play their cards well. In fact, they have this tendency towards emotional blackmail. They love to play the role of a victim, to make themselves look like they are being mistreated, while letting others feel the guilt and at the same time manipulating them to do what they want at the end.

On the other hand, Pisces expects Leo to bring them security and stability. They strive for success, but they expect to get it from other's efforts or from sheer luck. And so, they can throw all sorts of compliments to their Leo, pushing them to be the best that they can be, in hope that someday, all their efforts will be reciprocated by Leo's generosity to bring them along with their success. For the most part, both may find it hard to achieve what they truly want from each other, and all these and more make their relationship, if not incompatible, difficult and challenging.
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The union between Leo and Pisces swings between a pendulum of a tragic and a romantic relationship. Both come from different influences, wherein Leo can provide stability because of their fixed sign while Pisces circles around reality and fantasy because they are mutably driven.

Both expect something different from each other, which sometimes can send mixed and confusing signals.
Pisces and Leo Compatibility
One thing favorable between Leo and Pisces is that both know how to tick each other on and off. Though, Pisces may seem tough and rigid from the outside, but they actually understand that Leo needs constant attention and love. They are willing to submit to Leo's call for intimacy, even when Leo becomes too possessive and jealous.

Pisces are peace-loving individuals. They will not submit to their mood swings or temperaments simply to win an argument. 
The only thing that would probably cause trouble between Leo and Pisces is when Leo becomes too domineering and strict. One thing that Pisces will never tolerate is taking orders from someone. Rules and restrictions bother them so much, and they will do everything to set up their defensive gear. And even if Leo did not notice their frustration, Pisces will continue to run away from any obligations or reprimands Leo will throw them.

More so, Pisces finds Leo a bit critical. Leo has the knack of doing things systematically and orderly, and when someone does not get the importance of this, they can throw annoying criticisms, which Pisces loathes and detests. Likewise, when Leo does not get the same amount of attention and love they give their partner, they can act dramatically and be overly sensitive about it, which all the more irritates their Pisces.

What The Relationship Needs

The relationship between Leo and Pisces may seem to be an unlikely pair in the beginning, but if they become open to how they want things done between them, there is no stopping these two from experiencing a fulfilling union.

What they need is honesty and a lot of understanding. Pisces must set their boundaries right from the start of the relationship, especially when it comes to Leo's tendencies to put restrictions and obligations over Pisces. Likewise, Leo must set their expectations from Pisces, where they expect to be given enough attention, care, compliments, and love.

Following these simple tips can make these two signs as a couple have a satisfying, serene, and fulfilling union.
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Disadvantages of Pisces and Leo Relationship

Advantages of Pisces and Leo Relationship

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