Pisces are more subtle and carefree. They like to do things their own way and at their own pace, something that is constantly cause for disapproval from Gemini. Geminis are always upbeat and ready to grab every opportunity that comes their way.

Despite these factors, Gemini and Pisces can maintain a great friendship. With Gemini's gift of gab and Pisces' ingenuity, they can talk about anything under the sun. Pisces is positive and creative whereas Gemini tends to be open-minded, making their relationship always in constant communication. If enough of these positive aspects are infused into the relationship, then there is a greater chance for this union to be a great match.
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A Gemini and Pisces relationship can be very unpredictable and unstable. Pisces comes from the water signs, and Gemini is bounded by the air. When these two elements are combined together, you can expect chaos and trouble similar to what a gusting storm can bring.

The relationship becomes complex when Gemini brings confusion because of their split personality, whereas Pisces can be a sensitive soul.
Pisces and Gemini Compatibility
Despite the odds, a relationship shared by Gemini and Pisces also brings a lot of positive aspects. For one, Pisces are so empathetic and helpful. They love to get involved in their loved one's problems, always attempting to make the best solution possible. In addition, they are great listeners, and they do not like to leave people empty-handed and hopeless. This makes them a great best friend as well as a lover.

Gemini's split personality can demand so much from their Pisces partner. There are times where Gemini can like one thing so much and change their decision at the snap of a finger the next. And since Pisces has the knack of pleasing their loved ones, they will always try hard to keep up with Gemini; always going after the role of a dutiful good spouse or perfect girlfriend/boyfriend. If they could, they would do everything to satisfy Gemini's wants and needs, even if it asks too much of them already.
The possibility of doing great things together is limitless. Both signs are flexible and independent individuals, and so the taboo-breaking and the bizarre things they do together are perfectly normal. Pisces is mentally agile, wherein they can intellectually stimulate Gemini in so many ways, one thing that they always look for in a lover.
The little turbulence that Gemini and Pisces share requires Gemini to place their relationship a notch higher for it to work out well in the long run. One thing that Gemini needs to watch out for is when Pisces can be overly emotional and sensitive about everything. Because of this, Gemini will always bruise their ego every time they speak without thinking.

And when clashes do take a toll between the two, Pisces has the tendency to avoid the problem whatever way they can. This can lead to constant frustration and confusion on Gemini's part. For one, they do not like dealing with conflicts either; and two, they simply do not have the time or the patience for wooing or pacifying their partners.

On the flip side, though Pisces can be the sweetest and most understanding individuals, Genini's mood swings and twin personality does not restrict them from getting tired or bored with them. Like any other sign, Pisces wants emotional stability and security within the relationship. And Due to Gemini's outgoing personality as well as their attitude to let go of the things they find no use for, this will always leave Pisces thinking twice.

What The Relationship Needs 

In a scale of 1 to 10, the relationship between Gemini and Pisces can merit a 6 or a 7. Both come from different elements, making their individuality too vivid for one to comprehend and deal with. Gemini can be overly powerful whereas Pisces are extremely delicate and meek. While Gemini likes to busy themselves pursuing their dreams, Pisces should shove off any pressure or commitment to do so.

What this relationship needs is spontaneity and for both to know where they stand in the relationship. Gemini needs someone who is not pinned down, someone who can be decisive and upbeat, and for Pisces to take time to think twice when the call for making decisions is required or this can warrant disapproval for Gemini.
For Gemini to be unattached and insensitive can constantly damage Pisces feelings. They need someone who can understand them and someone who can give the same amount of importance they give to their partners. And for the relationship to work out, both must give more effort to put less of their negative traits and more of their positive attributes, where Pisces should be less emotionally sensitive and more enthusiastic, and Gemini should be more responsive and less expectant and demanding. If both follow these simple adjustments between them, the relationship they will create can always beat the odds.  

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Disadvantages of Pisces and Gemini Relationship

Advantages of Pisces and Gemini Relationship

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